Tourism Recreation Research: Best Paper Award

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Tourism Recreation Research: Best Paper Award

About the prize

The Article of the Year Award acknowledges and encourages contributions that aim to advance the field of Tourism Studies. Since 2006, more than a dozen ‘Best Article of the Year Awards’ have already been awarded so far. The criteria for assessment of the articles would be as follows:

1. Methodology
2. Quality of Content
3. Style of presentation
4. Originality
5. Practical usability of research
6. Readability of Research

Each criterion carries 10 marks. Judges were requested to provide the names of best three articles of the year, based on the total marks, as per the above criteria. The opinion and marks thus received were collected, reviewed and finally endorsed by the Editor-in-Chief.

The winning authors are entitled to receive one year's complimentary subscription of Tourism Recreation Research and a citation jointly signed by the Publisher Routledge (UK) and Editor-in-Chief. The Article of the year award is announced in the first issue of the next year's publication.

You can find the winning articles below. The latest winning article is free to read until the end of the year.

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2019 Susanne Becken Decarbonising Tourism: mission impossible? 44 4
2018 Christian Schott & Sochea Nhem Path to the market: analyzing tourism distribution channels for community-based tourism 43 3
2017 Edward Koh & Brian King Accommodating the sharing revolution: a qualitative evaluation of the impact of Airbnb on Singapore’s budget hotels 42 4
2016 Erik Cohen & David Fennell The elimination of Marius, the giraffe: humanitarian actor callous management decision? 41 2
2015 Betty Weiler & Rosemary Black The changing face of the tour guide: one-way communicator to choreographer to co-creator of the tourist experience 40 3
2014 Heike A. Schänzel & Ian Yeoman The Future of Family Tourism 39 3
2013 David Fennell Tourism and Animal Welfare 38 3
2012 Geoffrey Wall, Cui Qinming, & Xu Honggang A Cultural Perspective on Wildlife Tourism in China 37 1
2012 Erik Cohen Globalization, Global Crises and Tourism 37 2
2011 John S. Akama, Shem W. Maingi, & Blanca A. Camargo Wildlife Conservation, Safari Tourism and the Role of Tourism Certification in Kenya: A Postcolonial Critique 36 3
2010 Stefan Gossling, Michael Hall, Paul Peeters, & Daniel Scott The Future of Tourism: Can Tourism Growth and Climate Policy be Reconciled? A Mitigation Perspective 35 2
2009 Donald E. Hawkins & Leila M. Calnan Comparative Study of the Sustainability of Donor-supported Tourism Clusters in Developing Economies 34 3
2008 Philip L. Pearce Studying Tourism Entertainment Through Micro-Cases 33 2
2007 Bill Bramwell Opening Up New Spaces in the Sustainable Tourism Debate 32 1
2006 Erik Cohen Pai—A Backpacker Enclave in Transition 31 3

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