Journal Prizes Ships and Offshore Structures

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Ships and Offshore Structures

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About the prizes

The Best Paper Award

The “Best Paper Award” is presented annually for the best paper published in the Ships and Offshore Structures journal.

The Most Read Article Award

The “Most Read Article Award” is presented for the most read paper published in the Ships and Offshore Structures journal.

The Most Cited Article Award

The “Most Cited Article Award” is presented for the most cited paper published in the Ships and Offshore Structures journal.

Winning Articles

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2021 Most Read Article Jialun Liu & Robert Hekkenberg Sixty years of research on ship rudders: effects of design choices on rudder performance 15 3
2021 Best Paper Award Ruihua Lu & Jonas W. Ringsberg Ship energy performance study of three wind-assisted ship propulsion technologies including a parametric study of the Flettner rotor technology 15 3
2018 Best Paper Award Marcel König et al Numerical investigation of the landing manoeuvre of a crew transfer vessel to an offshore wind turbine 12 S1
2017 Best Paper Award Ningbo Gao et al. Numerical simulation of deterministic freak wave sequences and wave-structure interaction 11 8
2016 Best Paper Award Yoshiteru Tanaka et al. Analysis method of ultimate hull girder strength under combined loads 10 5
2015 Best Paper Award Junbo Jia Investigations of a practical wind-induced fatigue calculation based on nonlinear time domain dynamic analysis and a full wind-directional scatter diagram 9 3
2014 Best Paper Award S. Saad-Eldeen, Y. Garbatov & C. Guedes Soares Experimental assessment of corroded steel box-girders subjected to uniform bending 8 6
2014 Best Paper Award Vedran Zanic Methods and concepts for the multi-criteria synthesis of ship structures 8 3-4
2013 Best Paper Award Lin Hong & JØrgen Amdahl Rapid assessment of ship grounding over large contact surfaces 7 1
2012 Best Paper Award Diebold, N. Moirod & A. Souto Iglesias Comparison of experimental and numerical sloshing loads in partially filled tanks 6 1-2
2011 Best Paper Award Jonas W. Ringsberg Characteristics of material, ship side structure response and ship survivability in ship collisions 5 1
2010 Best Paper Award Lyuben D. Ivanov Challenges and possible solutions of the time-variant reliability of ship's hull girder 4 3
2009 Best Paper Award J.H. VanZwieten, Jr., F.R. Driscoll & G.M. Alsenas Response characteristics and maneuverability of a small twin screw displacement hull vessel in seas 3 1
2008 Best Paper Award Mateusz Graczyk, Torgeir Moan & Ming Kang Wu Extreme sloshing and whipping-induced pressures and structural response in membrane LNG tanks 2 3
2007 Best Paper Award Inge Lotsberg Fatigue design of plated structures using finite element analysis 1 1

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