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Road Materials and Pavement Design Best Paper Award

About the prize

The goal of the Road Materials and Pavement Design awards program is to reward researchers, practitioners and/or academicians for outstanding work in the areas of expertise covered by the Journal.

Each year, the Editors will select from amongst the original scientific papers published during the preceding calendar year those considered worthy of special recognition. One or more papers may be recognized.

The Editors-in-Chief will nominate papers among those published each year for the awards program. Each paper identified in the blind review process as an award candidate will be nominated for the RMPD awards program. After careful evaluation of the nominated papers, the award (or awards) will be decided by a majority vote of the Editors present at the annual meeting of the RMPD Board of Editors. No award can be given for a paper having one of the Editors-in-Chief as author.

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2019 Winner Henrik Bjurström and Nils Ryden Non-contact rolling surface wave measurements on asphalt concrete 20 2
2019 Runner Up Andrea Graziani et al. Linear viscoelastic characterisation of bituminous mixtures using random stress excitations 20 sup1
2018 Winner Laura Manrique-Sanchez, Silvia Caro and Edith Arámbula-Mercado Numerical modelling of ravelling in porous friction courses (PFC) 19 3
2017 Winner Daniel Castillo, Silvia Caro, Masoud Darabib and Eyad Masad Modelling moisture-mechanical damage in asphalt mixtures using random, microstructures and a continuum damage formulation 18 1
2017 Runner Up K.J. Jenkins and D.C. Collings Mix design of bitumen-stabilised materials – South Africa and abroad 18 2
2015 Winner Thorbjorg Saevarsdottir & Sigurdur Erlingsson Modelling of responses and rutting profile of a flexible pavement structure in a heavy vehicle simulator test 16 1
2015 Runner Up Augusto Cannone Falchetto & Ki Hoon Moon Micromechanical–analogical modelling of asphalt binder and asphalt mixture creep stiffness properties at low temperature 16 sup1
2015 Runner Up Yanqing Zhao, Dandan Cao & Peisong Chen Dynamic backcalculation of asphalt pavement layer properties using spectral element method 16 4
2013 Winner Ehsan Ghafoori Roozbahanya, Manfred N. Partl & Patryk Jaku Witkiewicz Fracture testing for the evaluation of asphalt pavement joints 14 4
2013 Runner Up Didier Lesueur, Joëlle Petit & Hans-Josef Ritter The mechanisms of hydrated lime modification of asphalt mixtures: a state-of-the-art review 14 1
2013 Runner Up Ki Hoon Moon, Augusto Cannone Falchetto & Mihai O. Marasteanu Rheological modelling of asphalt materials properties at low temperatures: from time domain to frequency domain 14 4
2012 Winner Garcia et al. Abrasive wear evolution in concrete pavements 13 3
2012 Runner Up Yin and Lai. Visco-elastic characterisation of zeolite modified asphalt binder considering phase transformation and air void interaction 13 2
2011 Winner J. Claine Petersen & Ronald Glaser Asphalt Oxidation Mechanisms and the Role of Oxidation Products on Age Hardening Revisited 12 4
2011 Runner Up May Namutebi,Björn Birgisson & Umaru Bagampadde Foaming Effects on Binder Chemistry and Aggregate Coatability using Foamed Bitumen 12 4
2010 Winner François Olard & Daniel Perraton On the Optimization of the Aggregate Packing Characteristics for the Design of High-Performance Asphalt Concretes 11 sup1
2010 Runner Up Sigurdur Erlingsson Impact of Water on the Response and Performance of a Pavement Structure in an Accelerated Test 11 4
2009 Winner Pengcheng Fu at al. Laboratory Test Methods for Foamed Asphalt Mix Resilient Modulus 10 1
2008 Winner Cazacliu et al. Effect of Process Parameters on Foam Bitumen-based Road Material Production at Ambient Temperature 9 3
2008 Runner Up Hilde Soenen,Xiaohu Lu &Per Redelius The Morphology of Bitumen-SBS Blends by UV Microscopy 9 1
2007 Winner Hervé Di Benedetto et al. Three-dimensional Thermo-viscoplastic Behaviour of Bituminous Materials: The DBN Model 8 2
2007 Runner Up Bjorn Birgisson, Jianlin Wang & Reynaldo Roque A New Algorithm for Determination of Crack Growth Path in HMA Materials 8 1
2006 Winner Gilles Gauthier & Dr. David A. Anderson Fracture mechanics and asphalt binders 7 sup1
2006 Runner Up Per G. Redelius The structure of asphaltenes in bitumen 7 sup1
2005 Winner Dulce Rufino & Jeffery Roesler Effects of Temperature Curling on Airfield Rigid Pavement Responses 6 3
2004 Winner Eyad Masad, Dallas Little & Rajni Sukhwani Sensitivity of HMA Performance to Aggregate Shape Measured Using Conventional and Image Analysis Methods 5 4
2004 Runner Up Umaru Bagampadde,Ulf Isacsson &Badru M. Kiggundu Classical and Contemporary Aspects of Stripping in Bituminous Mixes 5 1
2003 Winner François Olard at al. Linear Viscoelastic Properties of Bituminous Binders and Mixtures at Low and Intermediate Temperatures 4 1
2003 Runner Up Manfred N. Partl, Alexander Flisch & M. Jönsson Gyratory Compaction Analysis with Computer Tomography 4 4
2002 Winner Robert Karlsson & Ulf Isacsson Bitumen Rejuvenator Diffusion as Influenced by Ageing 3 2
2002 Runner Up Shin-Che Huang, Jan F. Branthaver & Raymond E. Robertson Interaction of Asphalt Films with Aggregate Surfaces in the Presence of Water 3 1
2002 Runner Up Gordon D. Airey Use of Black Diagrams to Identify Inconsistencies in Rheological Data 3 4
2001 Winner Didier Lesueur, Christine Coupé & Mahjouba Ezzarougui Skin Formation During the Drying of a Bitumen Emulsion 2 2
2000 Winner E.J. Dickinson Prediction of the hardening of the bitumen in pavement surfacings by reaction with atmospheric oxygen 1 3

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