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Best Paper Award

by Plant Production Science


The Crop Science Society of Japan (CSSJ) selects 3 outstanding papers for the Best Paper Award every year. The selection is conducted based on recommendation from editors.

As an Open Access journal, all articles in Plant Product Science are fully downloadable. Browse our award papers below.

PPS is the official journal of the CSSJ. CSSJ is a nonprofit academic society that aims to promote the utilization of crops and useful plants as food, animal feed, fibers, biomass fuels, and any other uses for human life and to restore, conserve, and improve the environment.

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Award Year Category Article Title Author(s)
2020 Agronomy & Crop Ecology Harvest index is a critical factor influencing the grain yield of diverse wheat species under rain-fed conditions in the Mediterranean zone of southeastern Turkey and northern Syria Tohru Kobata, Müjde Koç, Celaleddin Barutçular, Ken-ichi Tanno & Masanori Inagaki
#rowspan# Crop Physiology Water supply from pearl millet by hydraulic lift can mitigate drought stress and improve productivity of rice by the close mixed planting Yasuhiro Izumi, Shinji Okaichi, Simon K. Awala, Yoshimasa Kawato, Yoshinori Watanabe, Koji Yamane & Morio Iijima
#rowspan# Crop Physiology High temperature and low solar radiation during ripening differentially affect the composition of milky-white grains in rice (Oryza sativa L.) Tsutomu Ishimaru, Yukinori Nakayama, Noriaki Aoki, Akihiro Ohsumi, Keitaro Suzuki, Takayuki Umemoto, Satoshi Yoshinaga & Motohiko Kondo
2019 Agronomy & Crop Ecology Association between root growth angle and root length density of a near-isogenic line of IR64 rice with DEEPER ROOTING 1 under different levels of soil compaction Poornima Ramalingam, Akihiko Kamoshita, Vivek Deshmukh, Sousuke Yaginuma & Yusaku Uga
#rowspan# Crop Physiology Effect of soil exchangeable potassium content on cesium absorption and partitioning in buckwheat grown in a radioactive cesium-contaminated field Katashi Kubo, Shigeto Fujimura, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Takeshi Ota & Takuro Shinano
#rowspan# Genetic Resources Evaluation Phenotypic variation in root development of 162 soybean accessions under hypoxia condition at the seedling stage Keisuke Suematsu, Tomomi Abiko, Van Loc Nguyen & Toshihiro Mochizuki
2018 Crop Physiology Yield and dry matter productivity of Japanese and US soybean cultivars Yohei Kawasaki, Yu Tanaka, Keisuke Katsura, Larry C. Purcell & Tatsuhiko Shiraiwa
#rowspan# Crop Physiology Differential responses to high temperature during maturation in heat-stress-tolerant cultivars of Japonica rice Koichiro Tanamachi, Masayuki Miyazaki, Kazuhiro Matsuo, Chetphilin Suriyasak, Aina Tamada, Kiyoshi Matsuyama, Mari Iwaya-Inoue & Yushi Ishibashi
#rowspan# Crop Physiology Developmental Plasticity of Rice Root System Grown under Mild Drought Stress Condition with Shallow Soil Depth; Comparison between Nodal and Lateral roots Emi Kameoka, Roel Rodriguez Suralta, Shiro Mitsuya & Akira Yamauchi
2017 Agronomy & Crop Ecology Performance of Maize-Soybean Intercropping under Various N Application Rates and Soil Moisture Conditions in Northern Mozambique Yasuhiro Tsujimoto, Joao Antonio Pedro, Guilhermino Boina, Miguel V. Murracama, Osamu Ito, Satoshi Tobita, Tetsuji Oya, Constantino Estevao Cuambe, Carolino Martinho
#rowspan# Agronomy & Crop Ecology Improvement of Soybean Seedling Establishment under a Flooded Condition by Seed Coating with Molybdenum Compounds Yoshitaka Hara
#rowspan# Crop Physiology Involvement of α-Amylase Genes in Starch Degradation in Rice Leaf Sheaths at the Post-Heading Stage Yu Sugimura, Hiroyasu Michiyama, Tatsuya Hirano
2016 Agronomy & Crop Ecology Lower-Than-Expected Floret Sterility of Rice under Extremely Hot Conditions in a Flood-Irrigated Field in New South Wales, Australia Tsutomu Matsui, Kazuhiro Kobayasi, Hiroshi Nakagawa, Mayumi Yoshimoto, Toshihiro Hasegawa, Russell Reinke, John Angus
#rowspan# Agronomy & Crop Ecology Rice Adaptation to Aerobic Soils: Physiological Considerations and Implications for Agronomy Yoichiro Kato, Keisuke Katsura
#rowspan# Review Leaf Photosynthesis and Its Genetic Improvement from the Perspective of Energy Flow and CO2 Diffusion Yu Tanaka, Etsushi Kumagai, Youshi Tazoe, Shunsuke Adachi, Koki Homma

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