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The Journal of Contemporary Asia Prize

About the prize

The editors of the Journal of Contemporary Asia are pleased to present the annual award for the best article published each year.

The judging panel award the Journal of Contemporary Asia Prize of $1,000, a letter of commendation and a complimentary 1-year subscription to the Journal to the winner, and $250, a letter of commendation and a complimentary 1-year subscription to the Journal to the runner up each year.

The judging panel is drawn from the Editorial Board. The criteria for selection include consideration of the scope and aims of the Journal, with the panel judging the ways in which each article provides an alternative perspective on mainstream views on contemporary Asian issues and/or contributes to the development of theory, especially on the role of the state, class analysis, power and globalisation.

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Journal of Contemporary Asia

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The Journal of Contemporary Asia Prize

2020-WinnerChuanfei ChinPrecarious Work and its Complicit Network: Migrant Labour in Singapore494
2020-Runner UpDavid BourchierTwo Decades of Ideological Contestation in Indonesia: From Democratic Cosmopolitanism to Religious Nationalism495
2019-WinnerMuhtar Habibi and Benny Hari JuliawanCreating Surplus Labour: Neo-Liberal Transformations and the Development of Relative Surplus Population in Indonesia484
2019-Runner UpIain PirieKorea and Taiwan: The Crisis of Investment-Led Growth and the End of the Developmental State481
2018-WinnerAbdil Mughis Mudhoffir
Islamic Militias and Capitalist Development in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia474
2018-Runner UpSerdal Bahce
Social Classes and the Neo-Liberal Poverty Regime in Turkey, 2002–2011474
2017-WinnerJamie Doucette & Se-Woong Koo
Pursuing Post-democratisation: The Resilience of Politics by Public Security in Contemporary South Korea462
2017-Runner UpEugénie Mérieau
Thailand’s Deep State, Royal Power and the Constitutional Court (1997–2015)463
2016-Winner (Joint)Patrick V. Oabel
Last of the Labour Aristocrats: Restructuring of the Philippine Sugar Industry and the Exportist Labour Market452
2016-Winner (Joint)Yoonkyung Lee
Sky Protest: New Forms of Labour Resistance in Neo-Liberal Korea453
2015-WinnerNicolas Grinberg
From Miracle to Crisis and Back: The Political Economy of South Korean Long-Term Development444
2015-Runner UpShengjun Zhu & John Pickles
Bring In, Go Up, Go West, Go Out: Upgrading, Regionalisation and Delocalisation in China’s Apparel Production Networks441
2014-WinnerHae Yung Song
Democracy against Labour: The Dialectic of Democratisation and De-democratisation in Korea432
2014-Runner UpFraser Sugden
Pre-capitalist Reproduction on the Nepal Tarai: Semi-feudal Agriculture in an Era of Globalisation433
2013-WinnerJudith Whitehead
John Locke, Accumulation by Dispossession and the Governance of Colonial India421
2013-Runner UpToby Carroll
Working On, Through and Around the State: The Deep Marketisation of Development in the Asia-Pacific423
2012-WinnerSaskia Eleonora Wieringa
Sexual Slander and the 1965/66 Mass Killings in Indonesia: Political and Methodological Considerations414
2012-Runner UpBen Reid

Securitising Participation in the Philippines: KALAHI and Community-driven Development411
2011-WinnerCaroline E. Arnold
Where the Low Road and the High Road Meet: Flexible Employment in Global Value Chains404
2011-Runner UpKwang-Yeong Shin
Globalisation and the Working Class in South Korea: Contestation, Fragmentation and Renewal402
2010-WinnerDae-oup Chang
Informalising Labour in Asia's Global Factory392
2010-Runner UpWonik Kim
Rethinking Colonialism and the Origins of the Developmental State in East Asia393
2009-WinnerRay Kiely
“Poverty's Fall”/China's Rise: Global Convergence or New Forms of Uneven Development?383
2009-Runner UpPorphant Ouyyanont
The Crown Property Bureau in Thailand and the crisis of 1997381
2008-WinnerMartin Gainsborough
Globalisation and the state revisited: A view from provincial Vietnam371
2008-Runner UpCatherine C. H. Chiu
Workplace practices in Hong Kong-invested garment factories in Cambodia374
2007-WinnerRichard Westra
The capitalist stage of consumerism and South Korean development361
2007-Runner UpTerence Chong
Embodying society's best: Hegel and the Singapore state363

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