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Middle Eastern Studies

The Elie and Sylvia Kedourie Prize for Outstanding Article

About the prize

Routledge, Taylor & Francis and the Co-Editors of Middle Eastern Studies, Saul Kelly and Helen Kedourie, are pleased to announce that the inaugural Elie and Sylvia Kedourie Prize for Outstanding Articlehas been awarded to Netanel Fisher and Avi Shilon for their article ‘Integrating non-Jewish immigrants and the formation of Israel's ethnic–civic nationhood: from Ben Gurion to the present’ (53.2, 2017).

The authors will receive a prize payment of £500, a year’s complimentary subscription to Middle Eastern Studies, and their article shall be made free-to-access on the publisher’s website.

The Co-Editors would like to thank the judging panel, drawn from the Editorial Board and led by William Hale, for their assistance in selecting the winning article:

Courtney Freer, Research Officer, Middle East Centre, London School of Economics
William Hale, Emeritus Professor, Department of Political and International Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, London University
Rory Miller, Professor of Government, Georgetown University in Qatar
Erik-Jan Zürcher, Professor of Turkish Studies, Leiden University

Founded in 2018, the prize is named for Elie Kedourie (1926-1992) founder and Editor-in-Chief of Middle Eastern Studies until his death in 1992, and Sylvia Kedourie (1925-2016) who took on the editorship of the journal from 1992 until her death in 2016. Elie and Sylvia made substantial contributions to the study of the Middle East, both as editors of the journal and as researchers and authors, and we are honoured to establish this award in recognition of their legacy.

The next prize, awarded to an outstanding article published in the 2018 Volume of Middle Eastern Studies, will be awarded in June 2019. Nominations from readers for the Co-Editors shortlist are welcome. Please email your nomination to Saul Kelly (saul.kelly@kcl.ac.uk) or Helen Kedourie (hkedourie@gmail.com), with the subject line ‘Middle Eastern Studies – Nomination for Elie and Sylvia Kedourie Prize’, and include the following in your message: Title of article, name of author, and volume and issue number; Reason for your nomination (no more than 200 words); Your name and affiliation.

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