Bernard Brodie Prize

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Bernard Brodie Prize

Contemporary Security Policy

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About the prize

Contemporary Security Policy awards the Bernard Brodie Prize annually to the author of an outstanding article published in the journal the previous year.

The award is named for Dr. Bernard Brodie (1918-1978), author of The Absolute Weapon (1946), Strategy in the Missile Age (1958) and War and Strategy (1973), establishing ideas that remain at the centre of security debates to this day. One of the first analysts to cross between official and academic environments, he pioneered the model of civilian influence that CSP represents. Contemporary Security Policy is honoured to acknowledge the permission of Brodie’s son, Dr. Bruce R. Brodie, to use his father’s name.

The Editor-in-Chief of CSP, Dr. Hylke Dijkstra, has selected a shortlist of the best articles of 2020. A jury composed of members of the CSP Editorial Board will select the winner.

Previous Prize Winning Articles

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2021 - Winner Jeffrey Berejikian & Zachary Zwald Why language matters: Shaping public risk tolerance during deterrence crises 41 4
2021 - Winner Tracey German Harnessing protest potential: Russian strategic culture and the colored revolutions 41 4
2020 - Winner Jo Jakobsen & Tor G. Jakobsen Tripwires and free-riders: Do forward-deployed U.S. troops reduce the willingness of host-country citizens to fight for their country? 40 2
2019 - Winner David H. Ucko & Thomas A. Marks Violence in context: Mapping the strategies and operational art of irregular warfare 39 2
2018-Winner Martin Senn & Jodok Troy The transformation of targeted killing and international order 38 2
2018-Winner Betcy Jose Not completely the new normal: How Human Rights Watch tried to suppress the targeted killing norm 38 2
2017-Winner Trine Flockhart The coming multi-order world 37 1
2016-Winner John Mitton Selling Schelling Short: Reputations and American Coercive Diplomacy after Syria 36 3
2015-Winner Wyn Bowen & Matthew Moran Iran's Nuclear Programme: A Case Study in Hedging? 35 1
2014-Winner Nick Ritchie Valuing and Devaluing Nuclear Weapons 34 1
2013-Winner Patrick M. Morgan The State of Deterrence in International Politics Today 33 1
2012-Winner Sebastian Mayer Embedded Politics, Growing Informalization? How NATO and the EU Transform Provision of External Security 32 2
2011-Winner Jeffrey W. Knopf The Fourth Wave in Deterrence Research 31 1
2010-Winner Klaus Schlichte With the State against the State? The Formation of Armed Groups 30 2

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