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Peter Jusczyk Best Paper Award

Language Learning and Development

About the prize

The Society for Language Development is delighted to announce this year’s winner of the Peter Jusczyk Best Paper Award. This honor is awarded annually by the editors of Language Learning and Development to the best paper published in the journal each year, with preference given to papers whose first authors are five years or less past their Ph.D. The 2018 award goes to:

Anne Nordmeyer and Michael Frank
Early Understanding of Pragmatic Principles in Children’s Judgments of Negative Sentences
This paper was published in Volume 14, Issue 4, pp. 262–278.

Read all award winning papers, free to access.

YearArticle TitleAuthor(s)VolumeIssue
2018Early Understanding of Pragmatic Principles in Children’s Judgments of Negative SentencesAnne Nordmeyer and Michael Frank144
2017Verb Learning in 14- and 18-Month-Old English-Learning InfantsAngela Xiaoxue He and Jeffrey Lidz133
2016Adult Regularization of Inconsistent Input Depends on Pragmatic FactorsAmy Perfors122
2015The Developmental Trajectory of Toddlers’ Comprehension of Unfamiliar Regional AccentsMarieke van Heugten, Dena R. Krieger, and Elizabeth K. Johnson111
2014Function Words Constrain On-Line Recognition of Verbs and Nouns in French 18-Month OldsElodie Cauvet, Rita Limissuri, Severine Millotte, Katrin Skoruppa, Dominque Cabrol, and Anne Christophe101
2013What Exactly Do Numbers Mean?Yi Ting Huang, Elizabeth Spelke, and Jesse Snedeker92
2012Is It a Noun or Is It a Verb? Resolving the Ambicategoricality ProblemErin Conwell and James L. Morgan82
2011Why Brush Your Teeth Is Better Than Teeth – Children's Word Production Is Facilitated in Familiar Sentence-FramesInbal Arnon and Eve V. Clark72

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