Administrative Theory & Praxis - Outstanding Article Award

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Outstanding Article Award

Administrative Theory & Praxis

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About the prize

Administrative Theory & Praxis is launching its Outstanding Article award to recognize research published that advances administrative theory through a unique lens, challenges the field’s norms, and makes a lasting contribution to public administration inquiry and practice.

Awards were selected by the journal editor and the Public Administration Theory Network journal committee. Articles will be set free access for a limited time with the goal of continued discussion about the contributions.

Winning Articles

Year Author Article Volume Issue
2020 - Winner Muhammad Azfar Nisar Practitioner as the Imaginary Father of Public Administration: A Psychoanalytic Critique 42 1
2020 - Winner Karolina Kulicka Doing Administration, Doing Gender: Repairing Political Neutrality with a Feminist Toolbox 42 3
2020 - Outstanding Dialogue Winner Andrew F. Johnson, Wendi Pollock & Beth Rauhaus Mass casualty event scenarios and political shifts: 2020 election outcomes and the U.S. COVID-19 pandemic 42 2
2020 - Outstanding Dialogue Winner David Oliver Kasdan & Jesse W. Campbell Dataveillant Collectivism and the Coronavirus in Korea: Values, Biases, and Socio-Cultural Foundations of Containment Efforts 42 4

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