Nordic Journal of Criminology Best Article Prize

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Nordic Journal of Criminology Best Article Prize

About the prize

NJC Best Article Prize is awarded annually for the best article published in the previous year's volume of Nordic Journal of Criminology. The prize recognises excellent research and scholarship that engages with current and emerging issues in Nordic criminology. Following the publication of the final issue of the year, the editor prepares a short-list of nominations. Members of the Nordic Journal of Criminology Editorial Board and the Board of the Nordic Research Council for Criminology (NSfK) have the right to vote for one of the articles on the short-list. The prize is awarded to the article with most votes. The prize winner is invited to present the award winning article at the NSfK Research Seminar, held in May each year.

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2020 Winner Susanne Boethius & Malin Åkerström Revealing hidden realities: disclosing domestic abuse to informal others 21 2
2020 Runner up Mie Birk Haller, Torsten Kolind, Geoffrey Hunt & Thomas Friis Søgaard Experiencing police violence and insults: narratives from ethnic minority men in Denmark 21 2
2020 Runner up Francis Pakes Old-fashioned Nordic penal exceptionalism: the case of Iceland’s open prisons 21 2
2019 Winner Synøve Nygaard Andersen Partners in crime? Post-release recidivism among solo and co-offenders in Norway 20 2
2019 Runner up Lucas Gottzén Violent men’s paths to batterer intervention programmes: masculinity, turning points and narrative selves 20 1
2019 Runner up Sanna Hautala, Pekka Hakkarainen, Kristiina Kuussaari, Kati Kataja & Sanna Kailanto Violence as a part of the drug scene 20 1
2018 Winner Klara Hermansson The role of symbolic politics in exceptional crime policy debate: a study of the 2014 Swedish general election 19 1

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