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Nicole Müller and Martin Ball Prizes for Best Oral Presentation and Best Poster

Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics

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About the prizes

Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics is pleased to announce the introduction of two bi-annual prizes for “Best Oral Presentation” and “Best Poster”. The prizes, introduced in 2021, honor the longstanding editors of the journal, Nicole Müller and Martin Ball. Sponsored by Taylor and Francis, the awards will be given out every two years at the ICPLA conference, starting at ICPLA 2021.

Two prizes introduced in 2021:

Winner of the Nicole Müller and Martin Ball Prize for Best Oral Presentation:
Eddy C.H. Wong
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tone Perception and Production in Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A small scale study.
Co-authors: Kathy Lee and Michael Tong

Winner of the Martin Ball and Nicole Müller Prize for Best Poster:
Stephanie Hearnshaw 
The University of Sydney
“I said shoe, not shoe!” The complex relationship between speech perception, speech production, vocabulary, and age.
Co-authors: Elise Baker, Natalie Munro, Jan Edwards and Karla McGregor

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