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Longuet-Higgins Early Career Researcher Prize

Molecular Physics

About the prize

Every year the Editors of Molecular Physics award the Longuet-Higgins Early Career Researcher Prize of $1,000 to a talented, early career writer who has written for the journal in the preceding year and whose article was published within 5 years of being awarded their PhD. Submissions from authors who have not yet completed their PhD are also welcome. The winner is an author who is judged to have made a significant contribution to a top quality paper which has been published in the journal the previous year.

The Editors may also award a number of additional 'Molecular Physics Early Career Researcher Prizes' at their discretion to nominated early career authors who deserve special mention.

We hope that these prizes will highlight and inspire high quality work from the next generation of researchers.

Nominations for the 2019 prize are open until 28th February 2021. The nomination form can be found here.

Molecular Physics

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Submissions information

Who is eligible for the prize?

  • Authors studying for a PhD
  • Authors who published their article withing 5 years of being awarded their PhD
  • Authors whose paper is/will be published in Molecular Physics
  • Authors publishing in any subject covered by the journal, theoretical or experimental

Longuet-Higgins Winners

2018 - Longuet-Higgins PrizeThinh Bui et al.Spectral analyses of trans- and cis-DOCO transients via comb spectroscopy11623-24
2018 - Early Career Researcher PrizeLuuk Metselaar, Amin Doostmohammadi and Julia M. YeomansTwo-dimensional, blue phase tactoids11621-22
2018 - Early Career Researcher PrizeBo Peng and Karol KowalskiProperties of advanced coupled-cluster Green's function1165-6
2017 - Longuet-Higgins PrizeBruno Senjean, Masahisa Tsuchiizu, Vincent Robert & Emmanuel FromagerLocal density approximation in site-occupation embedding theory1151-2
2017 - Early Career Researcher PrizeR. Puthumpally-Joseph et al.Laser-induced electron diffraction: inversion of photo-electron spectra for molecular orbital imaging11515-16
2017 - Early Career Researcher PrizeTakeshi Yanai, et alInfluence of the choice of projection manifolds in the CASPT2 implementation11517-18
2017 - Early Career Researcher PrizeKevin S. Silmore, Michael P. Howard & Athanassios Z. PanagiotopoulosVapour–liquid phase equilibrium and surface tension of fully flexible Lennard–Jones chains1153
2016 - Longuet-Higgins PrizeTimothy J. H. HeleOn the relation between thermostatted ring-polymer molecular dynamics and exact quantum dynamics1149
2016 - Early Career Researcher PrizeAlejandro J. Garza et al.Combinations of coupled cluster, density functionals, and the random phase approximation for describing static and dynamic correlation, and van der Waals interactions1147-8
2016 - Early Career Researcher PrizeM. L. Niu et al.Spectroscopy and perturbation analysis of the CO A1Π −X1Σ+ (2,0), (3,0) and (4,0) bands1145
2016 - Early Career Researcher PrizeM. L. Niu et al.Spectroscopy and perturbation analysis of the A1π (v=0) state of 13 C16 O11419
2015 - Longuet-Higgins PrizeH. van Aggelen & G.K.-L. ChanSingle-particle energies and density of states in density functional theory11313-14
2015 - Early Career Researcher PrizeN.S. Ramrattan, C. Avendaño, E.A. Müller & A. GalindoA corresponding-states framework for the description of the Mie family of intermolecular potentialss1139-10
2015 - Early Career Researcher PrizeEduardo Carrascosa, Martin Stei, Martin A. Kainz & Roland WesterIsomer-specific product formation in the proton transfer reaction of HOCO+ with CO11324
2014 - Longuet-Higgins PrizeGeorge H. Booth, Simon D. Smart & Ali AlaviLinear-scaling and parallelisable algorithms for stochastic quantum chemistry11214
2014 - Early Career Researcher PrizeJiangchao Chen, Qingguo Meng, P. Stanley May, Mary T. Berry & Dmitri S. KilinTime-dependent excited-state molecular dynamics of photodissociation of lanthanide complexes for laser-assisted metal-organic chemical vapour deposition1123-4
2014 - Early Career Researcher PrizeStephan Werth, Gabor Rutkai, Jadran Vrabec, Martin Horsch & Hans HasseLong-range correction for multi-site Lennard-Jones models and planar interfaces11217
2013 - Longuet-Higgins PrizeŁukasz Walewski , Harald Forbert & Dominik MarxInteraction-induced localisation of protons in hydrogen bonds at superfluid helium temperatures11116-17
2013 - Early Career Researcher PrizeFelix H.J. Hall , Mireille Aymar , Maurice Raoult , Olivier Dulieu & Stefan WillitschLight-assisted cold chemical reactions of barium ions with rubidium atoms11112-13
2013 - Early Career Researcher PrizeA.P. Jones, et alElectronically coarse-grained molecular dynamics using quantum Drude oscillators11122-23
2012 - Longuet-Higgins PrizeA.W. Wiederkehr , H. Schmutz , M. Motsch & F. Merkt Velocity-tunable slow beams of cold O2 in a single spin-rovibronic state with full angular-momentum orientation by multistage Zeeman deceleration11015-6
2012 - Early Career Researcher PrizeSondre K. Schnell , Thijs J.H. Vlugt , Jean-Marc Simon , Dick Bedeaux & Signe KjelstrupThermodynamics of small systems embedded in a reservoir: a detailed analysis of finite size effects11011-12
2012 - Early Career Researcher PrizeMiroslav Šulc & Jiří Vaníček Accelerating the calculation of time-resolved electronic spectra with the cellular dephasing representation1109-10
2011 - Longuet-Higgins PrizeNiels Boon & René van Roij‘Blue energy’ from ion adsorption and electrode charging in sea and river water1097-10
2011 - Early Career Researcher PrizeG.D. Dickenson et al.VUV Spectroscopic Study of the D 1Π u State of Molecular Deuterium10922
2011 - Early Career Researcher PrizeMatthias Tröndle et al.Trapping colloids near chemical stripes via critical Casimir forces1097-10
2011 - Early Career Researcher PrizeJames D. Whitfield , Jacob Biamonte & Alán Aspuru-Guzik Simulation of electronic structure Hamiltonians using quantum computers1095
2010 - Longuet-Higgins PrizeDavid Case & Frederick R. Manby The Ornstein–Zernike equation in molecular electronic structure theory1083-4
2010 - Early Career Researcher PrizeZhifeng Xue & Martin A. SuhmAdding more weight to a molecular recognition unit: the low-frequency modes of carboxylic acid dimers10817
2010 - Early Career Researcher PrizeMarkus Koch , Carlo Callegari & Wolfgang E. ErnstAlkali-metal electron spin density shift induced by a helium nanodroplet1087-9
2009 - Longuet-Higgins PrizeB.L. Bhargava & Michael L. KleinFormation of micelles in aqueous solutions of a room temperature ionic liquid: a study using coarse grained molecular dynamics1074-6
2009 - Early Career Researcher PrizeJing Zhu , Zhen Huang & Sabre KaisSimulated quantum computation of global minima10719
2009 - Early Career Researcher PrizeThomas A. Baker , Jessica L. Rouge & David J. NesbittSingle molecule studies of quantum dot fluorescence intermittency: evidence for both dark and light-assisted blinking dynamics10718

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