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Best Paper Award

By Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering


This award is presented to outstanding papers published in this journal by the Architectural Institute of Japan, Architectural Institute of Korea and Architectural Society of China, and is given to a maximum of six papers (not more than one per field) once a year and announced on the homepage of Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering (JAABE).


  • Eligibility

Eligible for selection shall be papers published in all 6 issues of the present year.

  • ​Numbers of awardees

The award shall be given once a year to a maximum of six papers in the following fields, at most one paper per field.

        a. Architectural History and Theory
        b. Architectural Planning and Design
        c. Building Structures and Materials
        d. Construction Management
        e. Environmental Engineering
        f. Urban Planning and Design

  • Evaluation method
  1. Field Editors shall ask Contact Editors in the relevant fields to recommend one paper from his/her country and one from other countries.
  2. ​Contact Editors shall notify their Field Editors of recommended papers with their evaluations, made according to the following evaluation criteria:

    a. High quality content of an international level
    b. Exploration of new areas, methodologies, and concepts
    c. Abundant in originality, pioneering achievement, novelty, and potential
    d. Outstanding in accuracy, diligence and effort 
  3. Field Editors and Contact Editors, considering the evaluations submitted, shall give scores by voting in an open ballot per field. The final grades shall be the total scores divided by the number of votes.

    a. Excellent: 4
    b. Very good: 3
    c. Good: 2
    d. Average: 1
    e. Below average: 0 
  4. The Field Editors and Contact Editors of each field shall nominate one paper to the JAABE Editorial Committee. The grade of nominated papers shall in principle be 2.0 or more. 
  5. The JAABE Editorial Committee shall decide the winning papers based on nominations by the Field Editors.
  • Awarding

Testimonials shall be presented to the recipients of the award. In principle, only the first authors shall be the recipients of the award. 

  • Announcement

Winning papers and awardees shall be announced on the homepage of JAABE. 

  • Miscellaneous

The Field Editors and Contact Editors shall decline to evaluate papers, if they have the following special relationships with the authors of the papers considered: relatives, masters and pupils, colleagues, and co-authors. The Field Editors and Contact Editors who happen to be the authors (first authors/co-authors) of recommended papers shall decline to evaluate papers and appoint a deputy from the Editorial Board and invest him/her with full power.

Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering

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Architectural History and Theory Field

A Study on Closed Halls in Traditional Dwellings in the Jiangnan Area, ChinaHui Wang, Xincheng Pu, Rongrong Wang, Yuting Zeng, and Xiaofeng Qi2016
Spatial Transition of Existing Old Settlements in Downtown Cheongju, KoreaTai-Young Kim, Kyeonghwa Byun2015
The Influence of Hannes Meyer and the Bauhaus Brigade on 1930s Soviet ArchitectureHideo Tomita, Masato Ishii
The Underlying Geometry in Rudolph M. Schindler′s Packard HouseJin-Ho Park & Joung-Lan Park2013
A Preliminary Study on Tangshan Chinese Carpenters′ Migratory Routes in Taiwan During the Japanese Period (1910~1928): Using Xidi Carpenters from Quanzhou County as a Case StudyYi-Chun Lin, Min-Fu Hsu & Tsung-Chiang Wu2012
Formation and Transformation of Japanese Migrant Fishing Village Colonies in KoreaChung-Shin Park & Tai-Young Kim2011
The Tectonic Integration of Louis I. Kahn's Exeter LibraryChih-Ming Shih, Fang-Jar Liou and Robert E. Johanson2010
Considerations Concerning French Urban Influence on Spanish Colonial Cities on the Island of CubaJuan Ramón Jiménez Verdejo, José María Cabeza Laínez, José Manuel Almodóvar Melendo & Shuji Funo
The Making of a Bund in China: The British Concession in Xiamen (1852-1930)Chen Yu2008
A Study of Ethnic Influence on the Facades of Colonial Shophouses in Singapore: A Case Study of Telok Ayer in ChinatownTze Ling Li2007
Precedent and Progress of an Idea: Quadruple Building Block and the Schindler ShelterJin-Ho Park2002-2003
A Study of Ethnic Influence on the Facades of Colonial Shophouses in Singapore: A Case Study of Telok Ayer in ChinatownYi Deng, Shuji Funo, Tsutomu Shigemura

Architectural/Urban Planning and Design Field

New City Block Design Approaches Incorporating Environmental Assessment for Downtown Districts in Cities with Severe Winter ClimatesNorihiro Watanabe, Tsuyoshi Setoguchi, Koya Sato, and Takuya Tsutsumi2016
Electrophysiological Evaluation of Perceived Complexity in StreetscapesLemya Kacha, Naoji Matsumoto, and Ahmed Mansouri2015
Conservation and Possible Relocation for the Traditional Town of Koyasan, Based on the Surveys of Residents and VisitorsYoshihiro Kametani2014
Experimental Research on the Correlation of Temperature, Humidity, and CO2 Level of a Rice Hull Insulated Indoor EnvironmentKyu-In Lee, Dongwoo Yeom & Eun-Jin Kim
A Practical Approach to Temporary Housing for Disaster VictimsAkihiko Iwasa, Takashi Hasegawa, Shunichi Shinkai, Masahiko Shinozaki, Atsuko Yasutake & Kenichi Kobayashi2012
Contextual Modernization; New Town Planning in Petaling Jaya, of MalaysiaSeo Ryeung Ju, Saniah Ahmad Zaki & Yun Kyung Choi2011
Development of Urban Design Guidelines with Wind Tunnel Simulations for Downtown Districts in Winter Cities - New Urban Design Approaches for Cold Region Cities-Xiang Wang Meng, Tsuyoshi Setoguchi2010
Characteristic Features of the Behavior and Perception of Evacuees from the Daegu Subway Fire and Safety Measures in an Underground FireGyuyeob Jeon & Wonhwa Hong2009
Indoor Environmental Quality in LEED-Certified Buildings in the U.S.Young S. Lee & Suk-Kyung Kim2008
Children’s Behavioral and Conceived Domains in Neighborhood EnvironmentByungho Min, Hyuntae Heo, Hyunjung Lee2006
Research on the Formation Process of a Multi-ethnic Network in Urban Mixed-use District by Ethnic Minorities Living in Mixed-use Buildings, Wanchai, Hong KongPo-Fung Matsushita, Tetsu Yoshida, Junzo Munemoto2005
Syntactic and Network Pattern Structures of CityNapong Nophaket, Akira Fujii2004
An Application of the AHP to Urban Residential Upgrading in JakartaMaruhum Batubara, Hidehiko Tanimura, Monday Ohi Asikhia, Atsushi Toshimori
2002- 2003
Post-quake Condominium Reconstruction for Taiwan Chi-Chi Earthquake in 1999Pei-Chun Shao2002- 2003

Building Structures and Materials Field

Evaluation of the Energy Dissipation Capacities of Beam-to-Column Moment Connections for Steel FramesJae-Guen Yang, Yong-Boem Kim, and Min-seok Kwak2016
The Influence of Joint Details and Axial Force Ratios on Failure Mechanisms of SCFT Column-beam ConnectionsXilin Lu, Liping Kang, and Roberto T. Leon2015
Evaluating Topological Optimized Layout of Building Structures by Using Nodal Material Density Based Bilinear InterpolationDongkyu Lee, Jaehong Lee, Kihak Lee & Namshik Ahn2014
Damage-control Seismic Design of Moment-resisting RC Frame BuildingsHuanjun Jiang, Bo Fu & Linzhi Chen2013
Modal Response Characteristics of a Multiple-Degree-Of-Freedom Structure Incorporated with Tuned Viscous Mass DampersKohju Ikago, Yoshifumi Sugimura, Kenji Saito and Norio Inoue
Parameter Identification and Analysis of Shaking Table Tests on SSI SystemPeizhen Li, Peng Zhao & Xilin Lu2011
Dynamic Corrosion-induced Cracking Process of RC Considering Effect of Initial DefectsXiao-Gang Zhang, Yan-Gang Zhao & Zhao-Hui Lu2010
Maximum Displacement Profiles of Reinforced Concrete FramesHuanjun Jiang, Xilin Lu & Tetsuo Kubo2009
Dynamics of Real Structure in Fresh, Damaged and Reinforced States in Comparison with Shake Table and Simulation ModelsSongtao Xue, Hesheng Tang, Jun Okada, Toshimitsu Hayashi & Satoshi Arikawa2008
Combined Topology and Shape Optimization of Structures using Nodal Density as Design ParameterDong-Kyu Lee2007
Full Scale Processing Investigation for ECC Pre-cast Structural ElementTetsushi Kanda, Shiro Tomoe, Satoru Nagai, Makoto Maruta, Toshiyuki Kanakubo, Katsuyuki Shimizu2006
On-Site Lateral Loading Test of a Traditional Timber House in JapanKaori Fujita, Tetsu Kondo, Mikio Koshihara, Shinji Iwata, Mahito Nakazono, Isao Sakamoto2004
Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Soil-Box Foundation-Structure Interaction SystemXilin Lu, Peizhen Li, Bo Chen, Yueqing Chen2002-2003
Monte Carlo Simulation Using Moments of Random VariablesYan-Gang Zhao, Tetsuro Ono, Kiyoshi Ishii2002-2003

Environmental Engineering Field

Methodology for Evaluating Influences of Anthropogenic Factors on Temperature Formation of Summer Seasons Considering their Randomness -Verification Through the Hierarchical Bayesian Model-Takashi Kyakuno2016
Predicting Hygrothermal Behavior of an Underground Stone Chamber with 3-D Modeling to Restrain Water-Related Damage to Mural PaintingsYonghui Li, Daisuke Ogura, Shuichi Hokoi, Jianguo Wang & Takeshi Ishizaki2014
An Experimental Study on Evacuation Times in a Subway Station Using Evacuation ParametersSeong-Hwan Yoon, Min-Jung Lee & Jurng-Jae Yee2013
Study on Outside Air Cooling Systems Used in Data Processing FacilitiesIwao Yamaguchi, Makoto Koganei, Tomonobu Goto & Masataka Tsushima2012
Field Survey on the Relation between IAQ and Occupants' Health in 40 Houses in Southern TaiwanLin-lin Huang, Koichi Ikeda, Che-Ming Chiang, Naoki Kagi, Sachiko Hojo & U Yanagi2011
Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Improved Indoor Temperature and Ventilation Conditions in School BuildingsKazuhide Ito & Shuzo Murakami2010
The Effects of Windbreak Forests on the Summer Thermal Environment in a ResidenceJiang He & Akira Hoyano2009
Study on Utility Cross-Ventilation in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, ChinaMasashi Imano, Yunchan Zheng, Yoshihiko Akamine, Narongwit Areemit, Motoyasu Kamata & Yuzo Sakamoto2008
Influences of Indirect Lifestyle Aspects and Climate on Household Energy ConsumptionWee-Kean Fong, Hiroshi Matsumoto, Yu-Fat Lun, Ryushi Kimura2007
Trends of Climate Change and Air-Conditioning Load of Residential Buildings in ChinaQingyuan Zhang, Chengzhi Lou, Hongxing Yang2006
A Study on Indoor Air Quality of Urban Residential Buildings in ChinaHiroshi Yoshino, Junhong Zhao, Yasuko Yoshino, Kazukiyo Kumagai, Yueyong Ni, Zhenhai Li, Jing Liu, Takayuki Shigeno, Hiroyuki Miyasaka, Yukio Yanagisawa2005
Performance Evaluation Method for Drainage Piping Systems with Food Disposers in Actual High-Rise Apartment HousesKouichi Shinmura, Masayuki Otsuka, Toru Iida, Kazuaki Iijima2004
Numerical Study on Thermal Effects of Cold and High-albedo Surfaces Covered with Snow in Outdoor EnvironmentsAkashi Mochida, Yoshihide Tominaga, Hiroshi Yoshino, Kiyoshi Sasaki, Makiko Ohba
Predictive Control of the Radiant Floor Heating System in Apartment BuildingsJin-Young Lee, Myoung-Souk Yeo, Kwang-Woo Kim2002-2003