Adrian Normanton Award

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Adrian Normanton Award

Ironmaking & Steelmaking: Processes, Products and Applications

About the prize

The Adrian Normanton Award is awarded to the best technical paper on the topic of steelmaking or casting. Ironmaking & Steelmaking editors consider all papers published in the journal in the previous two years, based on recommendations received from the journal editorial board. The final award nomination is approved by the IOM3 Iron and Steel Society. 

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Ironmaking & Steelmaking

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Publisher: tandf

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Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2019 Du Sichen, Bjorn Glaser, Johan Martinsson The structure of foaming BOF-converter slag 46 8
2018 S. C. Duan, X. L. Guo, H. J. Guo & J. Guo A manganese distribution prediction model for CaO–SiO2–FeO–MgO–MnO–Al2O3 slags based on IMCT 44 3
2017 F. He, D.-F. He, Z.-H. Deng, A.-J. Xu & N.-Y. Tian Development and application of mould breakout prediction system with online thermal map for steel continuous casting 42 3
2016 J. Steer, C. Grainger, A. Griffiths, M. Griffiths, T. Heinrich & A. Hopkins Characterisation of BOS steelmaking dust and techniques for reducing zinc contamination 41 1
2015 Y. S. Lee, S.-M. Jung & D.-J. Min Effect of surface roughness of MgO substrate on size distribution of inclusions 41 3
2014 K Steneholm, M Andersson, A Tilliander & P G Jönsson Removal of hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur from tool steel during vacuum degassing 40 3

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