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IJAD Article of the Year

International Journal for Academic Development

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About the prize

The International Journal for Academic Development Article of the Year award was created in 2013 to honour the best article published in IJAD each year, as judged by a panel of academic development experts from the IJAD editorial board.

IJAD is the official journal of the International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED). The award is sponsored by ICED and comes with one complimentary registration for the biennial Conference. In addition, Taylor & Francis kindly make the Article of the Year as well as the other shortlisted articles available for one year as free downloads.

The Article of the Year is selected based on the following quality criteria:

  1. The style and form of the article make it accessible to a readership of academic developers and others who are not necessarily familiar with or expert in the topic.
  2. Takes into account the multiple and varied contexts in which academic development is practised.
  3. Articulates a robust and defensible research process OR constitutes a creative and imaginative theoretical contribution.
  4. Produces original and/or innovative insights that exciteor challenge the reader.
  5. Contributes to reorienting or shifting the boundaries of the field.

Judges’ Citation

Lindsay B. Wheeler & Dorothe Bach (2021) are the winners of the IJAD 2021 Article of the Year Award for ‘Understanding the impact of educational development interventions on classroom instruction and student success’, International Journal for Academic Development, 26(1), 24-40, DOI: 10.1080/1360144X.2020.1777555

This paper bravely ventures into the difficult territory of seeking quantifiable data on academic development interventions—in other words, the kinds of studies that many university leaders demand to see in order to accept that developers' work is genuinely valuable. The paper has a great deal to offer academic development practice and offers a way forward for practitioners to develop rigorous evaluations of the initiatives we champion, which can be used to justify those initiatives and garner institutional support—especially important given the performance regimes that are increasingly becoming prevalent across the world. Using a range of statistical measures, the authors provide insights that will prove helpful to the academic development community, both in terms of findings and methods, and present a robust, comprehensive, and convincing study of the effects of academic development interventions on instructor practices and student learning. It is particularly pleasing to read that the work we as academic developers do can have positive outcomes for Underrepresented Minority students. It's been hard to measure this, and this article shows how we can; we should all be doing more of this kind of research. The paper offers developers a template for how future studies might be conducted, as well as some of the inherent difficulties involved in quantifying academic development interventions.

Winning Articles

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2021 (Winner) Lindsay B. Wheeler & Dorothe Bach Understanding the impact of educational development interventions on classroom instruction and student success 26 1
2021 (Shortlisted) Daniela Gachago, Laura Cruz, Cheryl Belford, Candice Livingston, Jolanda Morkel, Sweta Patnaik & Bronwyn Swartz Third places: cultivating mobile communities of practice in the global south 26 3
2021 (Shortlisted) Julie A. Mooney & Janice Miller-Young The Educational Development Interview: a guided conversation supporting professional learning about teaching practice in higher education 26 3
2021 (Shortlisted) Katarina Mårtensson & Torgny Roxå Academic developers developing: aspects of an expanding lifeworld 26 4
2020 (Winner) Julie A. Timmermans & Kathryn A. Sutherland Wise academic development: learning from the ‘failure’ experiences of retired academic developers 25 1
2020 (Shortlisted) Daniel L. Reinholz , Amelia Stone-Johnstone & Niral Shah Walking the walk: using classroom analytics to support instructors to address implicit bias in teaching 25 3
2020 (Shortlisted) Beth Hundey et al. Mentoring faculty online: a literature review and recommendations for web-based programs 25 3
2020 (Shortlisted) Klodiana Kolomitro, Natasha Kenny & Suzanne Le-May Sheffield A call to action: exploring and responding to educational developers’ 25 1
2020 (Shortlisted) Gitte Wichmann-Hansen, Mirjam Godskesen & Margaret Kiley Successful development programs for experienced doctoral supervisors – What does it take? 25 2
2019 (Winner) Gary Poole, Isabeau Iqbal & Roselynn Verwoord Small significant networks as birds of a feather 24 1
2019 (Shortlisted) Julie A. Timmermans & Jan H. F. Meyer A framework for working with university teachers to create and embed ‘Integrated Threshold Concept Knowledge’ (ITCK) in their practice 24 4
2019 (Shortlisted) Torgny Roxå & Elizabeth Marquis Teachers interacting with students: an important (and potentially overlooked) domain for academic development during times of impact 24 4
2019 (Shortlisted) Beatriz Moya, Héctor Turra & Denise Chalmers Developing and implementing a robust and flexible framework for the evaluation and impact of educational development in higher education in Chile 24 2
2019 (Shortlisted) Jacqueline Fields, Natasha Ann Kenny & Robin Alison Mueller Conceptualizing educational leadership in an academic development program 24 3
2019 (Shortlisted) Kasturi Behari-Leak & Goitsione Mokou Disrupting metaphors of coloniality to mediate social inclusion in the global South 24 2
2018 (Winner) Paula Myatt, Deanne Gannaway, Ivy Chia, Kym Fraser & Jacquelin McDonald Reflecting on institutional support for SoTL engagement: developing a conceptual framework 23 2
2018 (Shortlisted) Ian Kinchin, Marion Heron, Anesa Hosein, Simon Lygo-Baker, Emma Medland, Dawn Morley & Naomi Winstone Researcher-led academic development 23 4
2018 (Shortlisted) Mick Healey & Alan Jenkins The role of academic developers in embedding high-impact undergraduate research and inquiry in mainstream higher education: twenty years’ reflection 23 1
2018 (Shortlisted) Rebecca Bilous, Laura Hammersley, Kate Lloyd, Felicity Rawlings-Sanaei, Greg Downey, Maria Amigo, Samantha Gilchrist & Michaela Baker ‘All of us together in a blurred space’: principles for co-creating curriculum with international partners 23 3
2018 (Shortlisted) Megan Anakin, Rachel Spronken-Smith, Mick Healey & Susan Vajoczki The contextual nature of university-wide curriculum change 23 3
2017 (Winner) Torgny Roxå and Katarina Mårtensson Agency and structure in academic development practices: are we liberating academic teachers or are we part of a machinery supressing them? 22 2
2017 (Shortlisted) Cormac McGrath, Terese Stenfors-Hayes, Torgny Roxa, & Klara Bolander-Laksov Exploring dimensions of change: the case of MOOC conceptions 22 3
2017 (Shortlisted) Emily Gravett Tracing a developer’s development: a self-study in teaching 22 4
2016 (Winner) David Green & Deandra Little Family portrait: a profile of educational developers around the world 21 2
2016 (Shortlisted) Veronica Bamber & Lorraine Stefani Taking up the challenge of evidencing value in educational development: from theory to practice 21 3
2016 (Shortlisted) Helen Sword ‘Write every day!’: a mantra dismantled 21 4
2016 (Shortlisted) Tai Peseta, Amanda Clifford, Annette English, Jananie Janarthana, Chelsea Jones, Matthew Teal & Jessica Zhang Students as ambassadors and researchers of assessment renewal: puzzling over the practices of university and academic life 21 1
2015 (Winner) Barbara Kensington-Miller, Joanna Renc-Roe and Susan Morón-García The chameleon on a tartan rug: adaptations of three academic developers’ professional identities 20 3
2015 (Shortlisted) Bernadette Knewstubb & Alison Ruth Gestalt and figureground: reframing graduate attribute conversations between educational developers and academics 20 1
2015 (Shortlisted) Bart Rienties & Anesa Hosein Unpacking (in)formal learning in an academic development programme: a mixed-method social network perspective 20 2
2015 (Shortlisted) Patrick Baughan Sustainability policy and sustainability in higher education curricula: the educational developer perspective 20 4
2014 (Winner) Geraldine O’Neill, Roisin Donnelly & Marian Fitzmaurice Supporting programme teams to develop sequencing in higher education curricula 19 4
2013 (Winner) Susan van Schalkwyk, Francois Cilliers, Hanelie Adendorff, Karin Cattell, and Nicoline Herman Journeys of growth towards the professional learning of academics: understanding the role of educational development 18 2

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