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Goodeve Medal

Journal of the Operational Research Society

About the prize

"This award was named in memory of Sir Charles Goodeve, who was one of the founders and pioneers of civilian operational research after World War 2 and a leader for many years of the OR Club and The OR Society.

The Goodeve Medal is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding contribution to the philosophy, theory or practice of OR published in the Journal of the OR Society (JORS) within the relevant year."

Journal of the Operational Research Society

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This year’s Goodeve medal is awarded to Brice Assimzele, Johannes Royset, Robin Bye and Johan Oppen, 3 of whom are based in Norway and one based in the USA. Their paper “Preventing environmental disasters from grounding accidents: A case study of tugboat positioning along the Norwegian coast” is a welcome step towards reducing the environmental impact of oil tankers. Sad to say, oil tankers sometimes run aground and can cause great harm to the marine and coastal environments.

The northern coast of Norway is at risk from such accidents and tugs are stationed along the coast, ready to tow tankers that get into difficulties so as to prevent damage. It is clearly important that the tugs can respond quickly, so their positioning is important. The paper reports a way to method that produces optimum positions for the tugboats. This is based on a non-linear, binary-integer program, integrated in a receding horizon control algorithm that minimises the expected cost of grounding accidents

At the time of writing the paper, the method was being considered for implementation within a decision support system operated by Norwegian Coastal Administration. This embedding of OR methods into routine decision support systems will greatly help reduce environmental damage.

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