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Best Paper, Most Cited & Spotlight Articles Awards

Georisk: Assessment and Management of Risk for Engineered Systems and Geohazards

About the prizes

Georisk Best Paper Award was established in 2011 and is bestowed annually upon the author(s) of the best paper, on the basis of its technical merit, published in Georisk over the year. Nominations for this award are solicited from the Editorial Board Members, the Managing Editors, and the Advisory Board Members of Georisk. The decision is made by the Managing Editors. Over the years, the papers published in Georisk have made a profound impact on the assessment and management of risk for engineered systems and geohazards.

We launched “Georisk Most Cited Paper Award” in 2017 to recognise the contributions of the authors whose papers were highly cited. This award is given annually, selected based on rolling 5-year Scopus citations, with judgement from the Managing Editors.

 Georisk launched the “Spotlight” series in 2013. The purpose of this series is to invite distinguished scholars to review an important topic, to highlight research gaps, and to suggest fruitful research directions.

Best Paper

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2018 Zhang L., Wu F., Zheng Y., Chen L., Zhang J. & Li X. Probabilistic calibration of a coupled hydro-mechanical slope stability model with integration of multiple observations 12 3
2017 Xiao T., Li D. Q. Cao, Z. J. & Tang X. S. Full probabilistic design of slopes in spatially variable soils using simplified reliability analysis method 11 1
2015 Liu Z., F. Nadim, A. Garcia-Aristizabal, A. Mignan, K. Fleming, & B. Q. Luna A three-level framework for multi-risk assessments 9 2
2014 M. F. G. A. Lloret-Cabot, G. A. Fenton & M. A. Hicks On the estimation of scale of fluctuation in geostatistics 8 2

Most Cited Paper

Spotlight Articles

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