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Prize for Best Article

Regional and Federal Studies

Every year since 2017, Regional & Federal Studies has awarded the "Best Article Prize" for an article published the preceding year. Four to five articles are nominated by the Editorial Board. The journal's Advisory Board then votes to decide on the best article of the year. Each Advisory Board member has one single vote. The article with most votes is awarded the Best Article Prize, which comes with a cash award of £400 GBP.

You can browse the winning articles below.

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2020 Winner Agustina Giraudy and Jennifer Pribble Rethinking measures of democracy and welfare state universalism: Lessons from subnational research 29 2
2020 Nominee Anwen Elias Making the economic case for independence: The Scottish National Party’s electoral strategy in post-devolution Scotland 29 1
2020 Nominee Javier Arellano-Yanguas Extractive industries and regional development: Lessons from Peru on the limitations of revenue devolution to producing regions 29 2
2020 Nominee Arjan H. Schakel, Chanchal Kumar Sharma, and Wilfried Swenden India after the 2014 general elections: BJP dominance and the crisis of the third party system 29 3
2019 Winner Melanie Plangger Building something beautiful with stones: How regions adapt to, shape and transform the EU opportunity structures 28 1
2019 Nominee Wouter Veenendaal & Gert Osstindie Head versus heart: The ambiguities of non-sovereignty in the Dutch Caribbean 28 1
2019 Nominee Min Reuchamps, Jeremy Dodeigne & Julien Perrez Changing your political mind: The impact of a metaphor on citizens’ representations and preferences for federalism 28 2
2019 Nominee Daniele Albertazzi, Arianna Giovannini & Antonella Seddone No regionalism please, we are Leghisti! The transformation of the Italian Lega Nord under the leadership of Matteo Salvini 28 5
2019 Nominee Thomas Kestler Institutional dynamics in loosely coupled federal systems: The cases of Argentina and Venezuela 28 5
2018 Winner Nathalie Behnke & Sean Mueller The purpose of intergovernmental councils: A framework for analysis and comparison 27 5
2018 Nominee Adrienne Davidson, et al. Advancing the study of political cleavages through experimentation: Revisiting regionalism and redistributive preferences in Canada 27 2
2018 Nominee Alexander Libman Subnational political regimes and formal economic regulation: Evidence from Russian regions 27 2
2018 Nominee Pedro Esteban Moncarz et al. Do intergovernmental transfers affect the distribution of manufacturing production across regions in federal countries? Theory and evidence for Argentina 27 3
2017 Winner Anna Brigevich Regional Identity and Support for Europe: Distinguishing Between Cultural and Political Social Identity in France 26 4
2017 Nominee Linda Basile Measuring party strategies on the territorial dimension: a method based on content analysis 26 1
2017 Nominee Maxime Héroux-Legault Substate variations in political values in Canada 26 2
2017 Nominee Andreas Ladner, Nicolas Keuffer & Harald Baldersheim Measuring Local Autonomy in 39 Countries (1990–2014) 26 3
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