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Composite Award

Plastics, Rubber and Composites: Macromolecular Engineering

About the prize

The Composite Award is awarded in recognition of a significant or technological contribution relating to any type of composite material. Plastics, Rubber and Composites editors decide from all composite papers published in the previous two years. The final award nomination is approved by the IOM3 Composite Society. 

Plastics, Rubber and Composites

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Publisher: tandf

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Composite Award

2018P. G. Jenkins ORCID Icon
Understanding physical changes and strength loss of E-glass fibres following exposure to elevated temperatures333
2017W. S. Sum, K. H. Leong, L. P. Djukic, T. K. T. Nguyen, A. Y. L. Leong & P. J. Falzon
Design, testing and field deployment of a composite clamp for pipeline repairs452
2016P. Parlevliet & M. GeistbecK
Investigations into lightweight solutions for epoxy composite fire property improvement443
2015J. Herwan, A. Kondo, S. Morooka & N. Watanabe
Effects of stitch density and stitch thread thickness on mode II delamination properties of Vectran stitched composites439
2014W J B Grouve, G Vanden Poel, L L Warnet & R Akkerman
On crystallisation and fracture toughness of poly(phenylene sulphide) under tape placement conditions427
2013A Jumahat, C Soutis, F R Jones & A Hodzic
Compressive behaviour of nanoclay modified aerospace grade epoxy polymer416
2012N V Herrera, A P Mathew, L Y Wang & K Oksman
Randomly oriented and aligned cellulose fibres reinforced with cellulose nanowhiskers, prepared by electrospinning402
2011A. Pupurs & J. Varna
Unidirectional composite in mechanical fatigue: modelling debond growth from fibre breaks393-5
2010V. Koissin, J. Kustermans, S. V. Lomov, I. Verpoest, H. Nakai, T. Kurashiki, K. Hamada, Y. Momoji & M. Zako
Structurally stitched woven preforms: experimental characterisation, geometrical modelling, and FE analysis382-4
2009E. Harkin-Jones, L. Figiel, P. Spencer, R. Abu-Zurayk, W. Al-Shabib, V. Chan, R. Rajeev, K. Soon, P. Buckley, J. Sweeney, G. Menary, C. Armstrong, H. Assender, P. Coates, F. Dunne, T. McNally & P. Martin
Performance enhancement of polymer nanocomposites via multiscale modelling of processing and properties372-4
2008R.C. Easby, S. Feih, C. Konstantis, G. La Delfa, V. Urso Miano, A. Elmughrabi, A. P. Mouritz & A. G. Gibson
Failure model for phenolic and polyester pultrusions under load in fire369
2007Q. Yuan & R. D. K. Misra
Polymer nanocomposites: current understanding and issues227
2005P.J. Hine, R.A. Duckett, P. Caton-Rose & P.D. Coates
Fibre orientation structures and their effect on crack resistance of injection moulded transverse ribbed plate331
2004A. G. Gibson, P. N. H. Wright, Y.-S. Wu, A. P. Mouritz, Z. Mathys & C. P. Gardiner
Modelling residual mechanical properties of polymer composites after fire322
2003J. J. Crookston, A. C. Long & I. A. Jones
Modelling effects of reinforcement deformation during manufacture on elastic properties of textile composites312