Guy Bengough Award

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Guy Bengough Award

Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology: The International Journal of Corrosion Processes and Corrosion Control

About the prize

The Guy Bengough Award is awarded to a paper published by the Institute that makes an outstanding contribution to the subject of corrosion and degradation of all types of materials and their control. 

View the full list of the latest IOM3 award winners here.

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2019 Cem Örnek, Cristofer Leygraf, Jinshan Pan On the Volta potential measured SKPFM-fundamental and practical aspects with relevance to corrosion science 54 3
2018 Alan Turnbull Characterising the early stages of crack development in environment-assisted cracking 52 7
2017 M. Rogowska, J. Gudme, A. Rubin, K. Pantleon & R. Ambat Effect of Fe ion concentration on corrosion of carbon steel in CO2 environment 51 1
2016 R. J. Bennett, S. W. Booth & C. M. Younes Effect of thermal exposure on degradation of compressor blades in aero-jet engines 50 4
2015 N. R. Smart, A. P. Rance, P. A. H. Fennell & B. Kursten Effect of sulphur species on anaerobic corrosion of carbon steel in alkaline media 49 6
2014 F. Scenini et al. Stress corrosion cracking of Ru doped 304 stainless steel in high temperature water 47 7
2014 K. Govender, F. Scenini, S. Lyon & A. Sherry Influence of Pd and Ru additions on stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steels 47 7
2013 S M Ghahari, D P Krouse, N J Laycock, T Rayment, C Padovani, T Suter, R Mokso, F Marone, M Stampanoni, M Monir & A J Davenport Pitting corrosion of stainless steel: measuring and modelling pit propagation in support of damage prediction for radioactive waste containers 46 2
2012 K Alawadhi & M J Robinson Preferential weld corrosion of X65 pipeline steel in flowing brines containing carbon dioxide 46 4
2011 G. Tormoen, N. Sridhar & A. Anderko Localised corrosion of heat treated alloys Part 1 – repassivation potential of alloy 600 as function of solution chemistry and thermal aging 45 2
2010 R. Naraparaju, V. B. Trindade, H.-J. Christ & U. Krupp Effect of shot peening on high temperature oxidation behaviour of boiler steel: experimental results and simulation 44 3
2009 C. K. Lee, J. J. Scholey, S. E. Worthington, P. D. Wilcox, M. R. Wisnom, M. I. Friswell & B. W. Drinkwater Acoustic emission from pitting corrosion in stressed stainless steel plate 43 1
2008 I. T. Kim & Y. Itoh Accelerated exposure tests as evaluation tool for estimating life of organic coatings on steel bridges 42 3
2007 R. E. Melchers Examples of mathematical modelling of long term general corrosion of structural steels in sea water 41 1
2006 A. Anderko, N. Sridhar, L. T. Yang, S. L. Grise, B. J. Saldanha & M. H. Dorsey Validation of localised corrosion model using real time corrosion monitoring in a chemical plant 40 1
2005 L.H. Hihara Anodic and cathodic models for interpreting polarisation behaviour of ceramic-coated substrates containing pre-existing coating breaches 39 2
2004 I. S. Cole, D. A. Paterson & W. D. Ganther Holistic model for atmospheric corrosion Part 1 - Theoretical framework for production, transportation and deposition of marine salts 38 2

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