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Pfeil Award

Advances in Applied Ceramics: Structural, Functional and Bioceramics

About the prize

The Pfeil Award is awarded for published work of particular merit in the field of ceramics. The IOM3 ceramic society selects papers from those published in Advances in Applied Ceramics in the previous two years for consideration.

Advances in Applied Ceramics

Table of Contents for Advances in Applied Ceramics. List of articles from both the latest and ahead of print issues.

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Publisher: tandf

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2018Min Yu, Salvatore Grasso, Ruth Mckinnon, Theo Saunders & Michael J. Reece
Review of flash sintering: materials, mechanisms and modelling1161
2017A. Paul, J. G. P. Binner, B. Vaidhyanathan, A. C. J. Heaton & P. M. Brown
Heat flux mapping of oxyacetylene flames and their use to characterise Cf-HfB2 composites1153
2016L. Cordero-Arias, S. Cabanas-Polo, J. Gilabert, O. M. Goudouri, E. Sanchez, S. Virtanen, and A. R. Boccaccini.
Electrophoretic deposition of nanostructured TiO2/alginate and TiO2-bioactive glass/alginate composite coatings on stainless steel1131
2015M. Marangoni, I. Ponsot, R. Kuusik, and E. Bernardo
Strong and chemically inert sinter crystallised glass ceramics based on Estonian oil shale ash1132
2014T. Bak, J. Nowotny, N. J. Sucher and E. D. Wachsman
Photocatalytic water disinfection on oxide semiconductors: Part 1 – basic concepts of TiO2 photocatalysis1111-2
2013R. Chaim, R. Marder, C. Estourne´s and Z. Shen
Densification and preservation of ceramic nanocrystalline character by spark plasma sintering1115-6
2012A. Covill, N. C. Hyatt, J. Hill and N. C. Collier
Development of magnesium phosphate cements for encapsulation of radioactive waste1103
2011M. Tyrer, C. R. Cheeseman, R. Greaves, P. A. Claisse, E. Ganjian, M. Kay and J. Churchman-Davies
Potential for carbon dioxide reduction from cement industry through increased use of industrial pozzolans1095
2010E. Bernardo, L. Esposito, E. Rambaldi and A. Tucci
'Glass based stoneware' as a promising route for the recycling of waste glasses1081
2009R Taylor, I Richardson, and R Brydson
Nature of C–S–H in 20 year old neat ordinary Portland cement and 10% Portland cement–90% ground granulated blast furnace slag pastes1066
2008L. R. Sheppard and J. Nowotny
Materials for photoelectrochemical energy conversion1061-2
2007P. Colombo, F. Zordan and E. Medvedovski
Ceramic–polymer composites for ballistic protection1052
2006J Nowotny, T Bak, C C Sorrell, M Nowotny, S J L Kang and C Prince
Charge transfer at oxygen/zirconia interface at elevated temperatures: Part 1: Basic properties and terms1044