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Williams Award

Awards for Published Works

About the prize

The Williams Award is awarded to a paper of particular merit concerned with the manufacture and use of iron and steel. Ironmaking & Steelmaking and Materials Science and Technology editors decide from all papers published in the previous two years, based on recommendations received from the journal editorial boards. Final nomination is approved by the IOM3 Iron and Steel Society and the Materials Science and Technology Division.

You can view the full list of 2020 IOM3 award winners here.

Year Author(s) Article Journal Volume Issue
2019 Augusta Martinelli Mirand et al. Monitoring of less common residual elements in scrap feeds for EAF steelmaking Ironmaking & Steelmaking 46 7
2018 Frank Nicolaas Hermanus Schrama, Elisabeth Maria Beunder, Bart Van den Berg, Yongxiang Yang & Rob Boom Sulphur removal in ironmaking and oxygen steelmaking Ironmaking & Steelmaking 44 5
2017 T. N. Baker Microalloyed steels Ironmaking & Steelmaking 43 4
2016 H. Wu, R. Speets, F. Heeremans, O. Ben Driss and R. van Buren Non-linear model predictive control of throughput and strip temperature for continuous annealing line Ironmaking & Steelmaking 42 8
2015 W. Zhu, H. Yang, A. Luinenburg, F. van den Berg, S. Dickinson, W. Yin & A. J. Peyton Development and deployment of online multifrequency electromagnetic system to monitor steel hot transformation on runout table of hot strip mill Ironmaking & Steelmaking 41 9
2014 Liquid metal experiments with swirling flow submerged entry nozzle Ironmaking & Steelmaking 39 1
2013 Th Wondrak, S Eckert, V Galindo, G Gerbeth, F Stefani, K Timmel, A J Peyton, W Yin & S Riaz Review: The “butterfly effect” in continuous casting Ironmaking & Steelmaking 39 4
2012 Peter D Lee, P E Ramirez-Lopez, K C Mills & B Santillana Formation of ultrafine grained ferrite during thermomechanical treatment in microalloyed steel Materials Science and Technology 27 7
2010 A N Bhagat & Neelkant Inclusion characterisation – tool for measurement of steel cleanliness and process control: Part 1 Ironmaking & Steelmaking 36 8
2009 P. Kaushik, H. Pielet & H. Yin Joining of thick section steels using hybrid laser welding Ironmaking & Steelmaking 35 7
2008 G. Thewlis Effect of cerium sulphide particle dispersions on acicular ferrite microstructure development in steels Materials Science and Technology 22 2
2007 Jonathan Aylen & Kevin Albertson Markets in ferrous scrap for steelmaking Ironmaking & Steelmaking 33 3
2006 N. D. Beynon, S. Oliver, T. B. Jones & G. Fourlaris Tensile and work hardening properties of low carbon dual phase strip steels at high strain rates Materials Science and Technology 21 7
2005 H.F. Marston, P.H. Bolt, G. Leprince, M. Röder, R. Klima, J. Niska & M. Jarl Challenges in the modelling of scale formation and decarburisation of high carbon, special and general steels Ironmaking & Steelmaking 31 1
2004 G. Alvarez De Toledo, J. Ciriza, J. J. Laraudogoitia & A. Arteaga Abnormal transient phenomena in the continuous casting process: Part 1 Ironmaking & Steelmaking 30 5
2003 J. Tenner, D. A. Linkens, P. F. Morris & T. J. Bailey Prediction of mechanical properties in steel heat treatment process using neural networks Ironmaking & Steelmaking 28 1

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