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Journal of Mathematics and the Arts

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts Outstanding Paper Award

About the prize

The 2018 Outstanding Paper Award for the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts has been decided!

The award goes to Doris Schattschneider for her paper “Marjorie Rice and the MAA tiling” You can find this winning paper, as well as those shortlisted for the award, below and read with free access available from this page.

The 2018 Prize Committee commented:

"This paper appealed to me in many many ways: the story of a non-mathematician who devised her own mathematical notation to analyze tiling shapes and discover new ones is inspiring. It resonated even more with me that this untrained mathematical talent belonged to a woman. The explanation, with some of Marjorie Rice’s original diagrams, and the story of the sequence of events, led a historical character to the paper. I had heard of Rice before but hadn’t realized the extent to which she really attacked the tiling problems as a mathematician."

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts

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2018OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZEDoris Schattschneider
Marjorie Rice and the MAA tiling122-3
2018COMMENDED PAPERJiangmei WuFolding helical triangle tessellations into light art121
2018COMMENDED PAPERJay BonnerDoing the Jitterbug with Islamic Geometric Patterns 122-3
2018COMMENDED PAPERCarlo H. SéquinMöbius Bridges122-3
Visualizing large-order groups with computer-generated Cayley tables112
2016-17COMMENDED PAPERHenry Segerman, Roice NelsonVisualizing hyperbolic honeycombs111
2016-17COMMENDED PAPERKatherine A. SeatonSphericons and D-forms: a crocheted connection114
2016-14COMMENDED PAPERPaul GailiunasMad weave111
2015OUTSTANDING PAPER WINNERVeronika Irvine & Frank RuskeyDeveloping a mathematical model for bobbin lace83-4
2014OUTSTANDING PAPER WINNERRobert J. LangA Pajarita Puzzle Cube in papiroflexia71

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