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Journal of Mathematics and the Arts

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts Outstanding Paper Award

About the prize

Judges for the 2020 Prize: Douglas Norton (chair), Patrick Honner, Evelyn Lamb, Carolyn Yackel, & Carlo Sequin.

All four judges expressed appreciation for the quality of the papers and for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. We thank them very much for the time and careful consideration they contributed. Some of their comments about the winning paper were: "This incredible paper manages to infuse mathematical rigor and historical context into a clear, well-written manuscript that situates its subject in the midst of several intersecting literatures." The paper is "very well written," contains "a heavy dose of math," and shows "some nice artistic results."Β  "This article created a new mathematical world and took me there for an enjoyable tour." "This paper did a good job of translating a traditional craft into mathematical language and exploring the interesting interplay between craft-driven and mathematics-driven design considerations. The authors use mathematics to motivate novel aesthetic choices in the craft while honoring the traditional aesthetic values in bobbin lace." "In the end, it was clear to me which paper told the most complete story in the best way."

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts

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Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZE 2020 Veronika Irvine, Therese Biedl & Craig S. Kaplan Quasiperiodic bobbin lace patterns 14 3
COMMENDED PAPER 2020 David Hirsch and Katherine A. Seaton The polycons: the sphericon (or tetracon) has found its family 14 4
OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZE 2019 Loe M. G. Feijs A program for Victory Boogie Woogie 13 1
COMMENDED PAPER 2019 Crystal Kalinec-Craig, Priya V. Prasad & Carolyn Luna Geometric transformations and Talavera tiles: a culturally responsive approach to teacher professional development and mathematics teaching 13 1-2
COMMENDED PAPER 2019 Julianna Campbell & Christine von Renesse Learning to love math through the exploration of maypole patterns 13 1-2
COMMENDED PAPER 2019 E. O. Harriss, C. Smith & A. Carpenter Geometry in the walnut grove: an applied mathematical approach to art 13 1-2
OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZE 2018 Doris Schattschneider Marjorie Rice and the MAA tiling 12 3
OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZE 2016/17 Campbell, J M Visualizing large-order groups with computer-generated Cayley tables 11 2
OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZE 2015 Veronika Irvine & Frank Ruskey Developing a mathematical model for bobbin lace 8 3-4
OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZE 2014 Robert J. Lang A Pajarita Puzzle Cube in papiroflexia 7 1

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