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Journal of Mathematics and the Arts

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts Outstanding Paper Award

About the prize

The 2019 Outstanding Paper Award for the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts has been decided!

The award goes to Loe Feijs for her paper "A program for Victory Boogie Woogie." You can find this winning paper, as well as those shortlisted for the award, below and read with free access available from this page.

The 2019 Prize Committee commented:

"A compelling and lively look into two parallel artistic processes: that of Mondrian himself, and of Feijs, in his attempt to respectfully capture something of Mondrian's essence through algorithms."

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts

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Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZE 2019 Loe M. G. Feijs A program for Victory Boogie Woogie 13 1
COMMENDED PAPER 2019 Crystal Kalinec-Craig, Priya V. Prasad & Carolyn Luna Geometric transformations and Talavera tiles: a culturally responsive approach to teacher professional development and mathematics teaching 13 1-2
COMMENDED PAPER 2019 Julianna Campbell & Christine von Renesse Learning to love math through the exploration of maypole patterns 13 1-2
COMMENDED PAPER 2019 E. O. Harriss, C. Smith & A. Carpenter Geometry in the walnut grove: an applied mathematical approach to art 13 1-2
OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZE 2018 Doris Schattschneider Marjorie Rice and the MAA tiling 12 3
OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZE 2016/17 Campbell, J M Visualizing large-order groups with computer-generated Cayley tables 11 2
OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZE 2015 Veronika Irvine & Frank Ruskey Developing a mathematical model for bobbin lace 8 3-4
OUTSTANDING PAPER PRIZE 2014 Robert J. Lang A Pajarita Puzzle Cube in papiroflexia 7 1

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