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Lord Robert May Best Paper Prize

Journal of Biological Dynamics

About the prize

The Lord Robert May Prize is awarded biennially to the author(s) of the best paper published in Journal of Biological Dynamics with the prize announced at the International Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Populations in Biological Systems.

The winning author(s) receives the equivalent of GB £200 and can receive books of up to the value of GB £100.

Congratulations to this year’s winners Brian P. Yurk & Christina A. Cobbold for their paper:

Homogenization techniques for population dynamics in strongly heterogeneous landscapes

Volume 12 Issue 1, pp. 171-193

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You can browse all the previous prize-winning research below. 

Journal of Biological Dynamics

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Lord Robert May Best Paper Prize

2017-2018 WINNERBrian P. Yurk & Christina A. CobboldHomogenization techniques for population dynamics in strongly heterogeneous landscapes121
2015-16 WINNERMichael R. Kelly Jr., Joseph H. Tien, Marisa C. Eisenberg & Suzanne Lenhart
The impact of spatial arrangements on epidemic disease dynamics and intervention strategies101
2015-16 WINNERDiana Knipl
A new approach for designing disease intervention strategies in metapopulation models101
2013-14 WINNER

Marion Weedermann, Gunog Seo & Gail Wolkowicz
Mathematical model of anaerobic digestion in a chemostat: effects of syntrophy and inhibition71
2010-12 WINNERFrank M. Hilker
Population collapse to extinction: the catastrophic combination of parasitism and Allee effect41
2010-12 WINNER

Shweta Bansal , Jonathan Read , Babak Pourbohloul & Lauren Ancel Meyers
The dynamic nature of contact networks in infectious disease epidemiology45