The James Clerk Maxwell Writers Prize

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The James Clerk Maxwell Writers Prize

About the prize

The Editors of Philosophical Magazine and Philosophical Magazine Letters are proud to announce, in partnership with the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation, the award of the James Clerk Maxwell Writers Prize, which is awarded annually to a talented researcher published in either of the journals.

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2018 Winner Sebastian Ritterbex On low temperature glide of dissociated <110> dislocations in strontium titanate 98 15
2018 Runner Up Sumit Bahl Establishing the microstructure-strengthening correlation in severely deformed surface of titanium 98 23
2018 - Runner Up Elisabeth Hengge Quantitative volumetric identification of precipitates in dilute alloys using high-precision isothermal dilatometry 98 7
2017 - Winner S. Widmann et al On the multiferroic skyrmion-host GaV4S8 97 36
2017 - Runner Up N. Haghdadi et al The austenite microstructure evolution in a duplex stainless steel subjected to hot deformation 97 15
2017 - 2nd Runner Up Varun A. Baheti et al Effect of Ni on growth kinetics, microstructural evolution and crystal structure in the Cu(Ni)–Sn system 97 21
2016 - Winner R. B. Sills & W. Cai Solute drag on perfect and extended dislocations 96 10
2016 - Runner Up Ryan Soklaski, Vy Tran, Zohar Nussinov, K. F. Kelton & Li Yang A locally preferred structure characterises all dynamical regimes of a supercooled liquid 96 12
2016 - Honorable Mention Amol Vuppuluri & Srikanth Vedantam Grain growth rate for coupled grain boundary migration and grain rotation in nanocrystalline materials 96 9
2016 - Honorable Mention Yu Zou, Jeffrey M. Wheeler, Alla S. Sologubenko, Johann Michler, Walter Steurer & Ralph Spolenak Bridging room-temperature and high-temperature plasticity in decagonal Al–Ni–Co quasicrystals by micro-thermomechanical testing 96 32-34
2015 - Winner M. Fourmeau, C. D. Marioara, T. Børvik, A. Benallal & O. S. Hopperstad A study of the influence of precipitate-free zones on the strain localization and failure of the aluminium alloy AA7075-T651 95 28-30
2015 - Highly Commended Robbert Jan Dikken, Erik Van der Giessen & Lucia Nicola Plastic shear response of a single asperity: a discrete dislocation plasticity analysis 95 34
2015 - Highly Commended B. Kombaiah & K. Linga Murty High temperature creep and deformation microstructures in recrystallized Zircaloy-4 95 15
2015 - Highly Commended Sigurd Wenner, Jesper Friis, Calin D. Marioara, Sigmund J. Andersen & Randi Holmestad Structural modifications and electron beam damage in aluminium alloy precipitate θ'–AL2 95 31
2015 - Highly Commended Steven J. Lainé & Kevin M. Knowles {11¯24} deformation twinning in commercial purity titanium at room temperature 95 20
2014 - Winner P. Kotetes, A. Aperis & G. Varelogiannis Magnetic-field-induced chiral hidden order in URu2Si2 94 32-33
2014 - Runner Up Ayan Bhowmik et al. Microstructure and mechanical properties of Cr–Ta–Si Laves phase-based alloys at elevated temperatures 94 34
2014 - Highly Commended Sreedevi Varam et al. Strain rate sensitivity of bulk multi-phase nanocrystalline Al–W-based alloy 94 9
2013 - Winner Niaz Abdolrahim et al. The mechanical response of core-shell structures for nanoporous metallic materials 93 7
2013 - Highly Commened E.G. Fu et al. Fluence-dependent radiation damage in helium (He) ion-irradiated Cu/V multilayers 93 8
2013 - Highly Commended Sina Shahandeh & Matthias Militzer Grain boundary curvature and grain growth kinetics with particle pinning 93 24
2012 - Winner Keith T. Chan et al. Controlled growth behavior of chemical vapor deposited Ni nanostructures 92 17
2012 - Highly Commended V.A. Vorontsov et al. Shearing of γ′ precipitates in Ni-base superalloys: a phase field study incorporating the effective γ-surface 92 5
2012 - Highly Commended Sai Ramudu Meka et al. Unusual nucleation and growth of γ′ iron nitride upon nitriding Fe–4.75 at.% Al alloy 92 9
2011 - Winner S. Patala & C.A. Schuh The topology of homophase misorientation spaces 91 10
2011 -Highly Commended Denis Anders et al. Application of operator-scaling anisotropic random fields to binary mixtures 91 29
2010 - Winner J.J. Rimoli & M. Ortiz A three-dimensional multiscale model of intergranular hydrogen-assisted cracking 90 21
2010 -Highly Commended Haneesh Kesari et al. Role of surface roughness in hysteresis during adhesive elastic contact 90 12
2010 -Highly Commended Tanmay K. Bhandakkar et al. Analytical model of transient compressive stress evolution during growth of high diffusivity thin films on substrates 90 22
2010 -Highly Commended Ning Zhou et al. Large-scale three-dimensional phase field simulation of γ ′-rafting and creep deformation 90 1-4
2009 - Winner G. Bonny et al. Fitting interatomic potentials consistent with thermodynamics: Fe, Cu, Ni and their alloys 89 34-36
2009 - Highly Commended I.A. Figueroa et al. High glass formability for Cu–Hf–Ti alloys with small additions of Y and Si 89 27
2009 - Highly Commended Réka Trencsényi et al. Correlation and confinement induced itinerant ferromagnetism in chain structures 89 22-24
2009 - Highly Commended T. Xu & M. Li Topological and statistical properties of a constrained Voronoi tessellation 89 4
2008 - Winner A.L. Koh et al. Preparation, structural and magnetic characterization of synthetic anti-ferromagnetic (SAF) nanoparticles 88 36
2008 - Runner Up M. Q. Jiang et al. Energy dissipation in fracture of bulk metallic glasses via inherent competition between local softening and quasi-cleavage 88 3
2008 - 2nd Runner Up E. Carrasco et al. Dislocation emission at the onset of plasticity during nanoindentation in gold 88 3

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