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Journal of Applied Statistics Best Paper Prize

Journal of Applied Statistics

About the Prize

The Journal of Applied Statistics Best Paper Prize is awarded annually, as decided by the Editor-in-Chief with the support of the Associate Editors.

The winning article receives a £500 prize, and their paper will be made free to view for the following year. All articles published in the Journal are automatically included for consideration.

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Journal of Applied Statistics

Journal of Applied Statistics is a world-leading journal which provides a forum for communication among statisticians and practitioners for judicious application of statistical principles and innovations of statistical methodology motivated by current and important real-world examples across a wide range of disciplines.

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Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2018 - Winner Georgiana Onicescu et al. Spatially explicit survival modeling for small area cancer data 45 3
2018 - Highly Commended Cheng Ju, Aurélien Bibaut, Mark van der Laan The relative performance of ensemble methods with deep convolutional neural networks for image classification 45 15
2018 - Highly Commended Matioli, L. C.; Santos, S. R.; Kleina, M.; Leite, E. A. A new algorithm for clustering A new algorithm for clustering based on kernel density estimation 45 2
2017-Highly Commended Chen Peng, Maochao Xu, Shouhuai Xu & Taizhong Hu Modeling and predicting extreme cyber attack rates via marked point processes 44 14
2017-Highly Commended Daniel McNeish Missing data methods for arbitrary missingness with small samples 44 1

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