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Cook/Ablett Award

Materials Science and Technology

About the prize

The Cook/Ablett Award is awarded for published work of particular merit in the field of metals.

Materials Science and Technology

Language: en-US

Publisher: tandf

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Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2017 T. L. Martin, A. Radecka, L. Sun, T. Simm, D. Dye, K. Perkins, B. Gault, M. P. Moody & P. A. J. Bagot Insights into microstructural interfaces in aerospace alloys characterised by atom probe tomography 32 3
2016 R. R. Dehoff, M. M. Kirka, W. J. Sames, H. Bilheux, A. S. Tremsin, L. E. Lowe & S. S. Babu Site specific control of crystallographic grain orientation through electron beam additive manufacturing 31 8
2015 T. Sourmail, F. G. Caballero, C. Garcia-Mateo, V. Smanio, C. Ziegler, M. Kuntz, R. Elvira, A. Leiro, E. Vuorinen & T. Teeri Evaluation of potential of high Si high C steel nanostructured bainite for wear and fatigue applications 29 10
2014 U A Sachadel, P F Morris & P D Clarke Design of 10%Cr martensitic steels for improved creep resistance in power plant applications 29 7
2013 L. M. Brown. Constant intermittent flow of dislocations: central problems in plasticity 28 11
2012 N Hansen & D Juul Jensen Deformed metals – structure, recrystallisation and strength 27 8
2010 H. Mughrabi Microstructural aspects of high temperature deformation of monocrystalline nickel base superalloys: some open problems 25 9
2009 M. Karlsen, J. Hjelen, Ø Grong, G. Rørvik, R. Chiron, U. Schubert & E. Nilsen SEM/EBSD based in situ studies of deformation induced phase transformations in supermartensitic stainless steels 24 1
2008 R. L. Higginson, M. A. E. Jepson & G. D. West Use of EBSD to characterise high temperature oxides formed on low alloy and stainless steels 22 11
2007 E. A. Little Development of radiation resistant materials for advanced nuclear power plant 22 5
2006 A. Kermanpur, P.D. Lee, S. Tin & M. McLean Integrated model for tracking defects through full manufacturing route of aerospace discs 21 4