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Journal of Coordination Chemistry

Arthur E. Martell Early Career Researcher Prize

About the prize

The Editors of the Journal of Coordination Chemistry are pleased to award an annual prize of $1,000 from 2014 onwards to a coordination chemist as an author with a substantial contribution to a high quality manuscript published in the Journal of Coordination Chemistry in a given Volume. To be eligible, the author must be within eight years of receiving her/his Ph. D. and in a full time academic or government laboratory position.

All manuscripts published in Volume 72 (2019) are eligible for the 2019 Early Career Researcher Prize. At the time of acceptance of a manuscript, the authors will be sent information about the prize and asked: (1) if she/he wishes the manuscript to be considered for the Arthur E. Martell Young Author's Prize, (2) when the author received his/her Ph.D. and his/her current position and (3) about her/his contribution to a multi-author manuscript. Only one author per published manuscript will be considered. The Editors will make the final decision, with input from the Editorial Board. The Prize Winner is announced in April of the following year.

Interested in submitting to the journal? Visit the instructions for authors page.

Journal of Coordination Chemistry

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Arthur E. Martell Early Career Researcher Prize Winning Articles

2018Leah C. Matsinha & Banothile C. E. MakhubelaSynthesis, characterization and evaluation of heterobimetallic Fe(II)/Rh(I) and Fe(II)/Ru(II) complexes as catalyst precursors for hydroformylation of 1-octene7123
2017Sara Realista, Susana Quintal, Paulo N. Martinho, Ana I. Melato, Adrià Gil, Teresa Esteves, Maria de Deus Carvalho, Liliana P. Ferreira, Pedro D. Vaz & Maria José Calhorda
Electrochemical studies and potential anticancer activity in ferrocene derivatives702
2016Yuzhen Zhang, Jordan M. Cox, Alan E. Friedman, Jason B. Benedict & Timothy R. Cook
Phosphorescent organoplatinum(II) D2A2 metallacycles: synthesis, self-assembly, and photophysical properties6911-13
2015Agnieszka Chylewska, Małgorzata Ogryzek, Lech Chmurzyński & Mariusz Makowski
Spectrophotometric, potentiometric, and conductometric studies of binary complex formation between copper(II) and three forms of vitamin B6 in aqueous solutions6821
2014Patrick O. Asekunowo & Rosenani A. Haque
Counterion-induced modulation in biochemical properties of nitrile functionalized silver(I)-N-heterocyclic carbene complexes6722