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Botany Letters research prize 2018

Botany Letters

About the prize

We are pleased to announce the winner of the Botany Letters research prize 2018 for the best articles published in Botany Letters in the previous year. João Rocha and colleagues will receive €5,000 to pursue their research for ” Morpho-environmental characterization of the genus Dianthus L. in the Iberian Peninsula: environmental trends for D. pungens group under climate change scenarios”. It appeared in volume 164 issue 3 of the journal, in July 2017.

The panel gave the following reasoning for their choice: “…the elevation range associated with each of the taxa of the group has been found to be a determinant of the higher resilience (defined as the diversity of responses to climate changes) of the group. They [the authors] proposed that the Dianthus pungens group should be considered as a species, all taxa within this group being therefore subspecies. The different subspecies displayed various morpho-environmental responses, some of them playing a major role in maintaining effective gene flow among geographically restricted populations. This very thorough study of an ill-defined group yielded innovative results that are highly relevant to some of the questions raised by species adaptation to climatic change.”

Botany Letters

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