Environmental Politics Article of the Year Journal Prize

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Environmental Politics: Article of the Year Award

About the Prize

Environmental Politics award a prize of £250 for the best paper published in each volume. The winning paper and runners up for the most recent award will be free to access for the year.

The editorial team nominated pieces which were then judged and shortlisted by a small panel of eminent scholars: Hugh Ward, Joy Zhang and Steven Vanderheiden.

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2020 Winner Robyn Eckersley Ecological democracy and the rise and decline of liberal democracy: looking back, looking forward 29 2
2020 Runner Up Ingolfur Blühdorn The legitimation crisis of democracy: emancipatory politics, the environmental state and the glass ceiling to socio-ecological transformation 29 1
2020 Runner Up David Ciplet and Jill Lindsey Harrison Transition Tensions: Mapping Conflicts in the Movements for a Just and Sustainable Transition 29 3
2020 Runner Up Joanna Wilson and Eric Chu The embodied politics of climate change: analysing the gendered division of environmental labour in the UK 29 6
2019 Winner Clau Dermont Environmental decision-making: the influence of policy information 28 3
2019 Runner Up Göran Duus-Otterström & Fredrik D. Hjorthen Consumption-based emissions accounting: the normative debate 28 5
2019 Runner Up Christine Horne & Emily Huddart Kennedy Explaining support for renewable energy: commitments to self-sufficiency and communion 28 5
2019 Runner Up Deborah Fenney Salkeld Environmental citizenship and disability equality: the need for an inclusive approach 28 7
2018 Winner Kacper Szulecki Conceptualizing energy democracy 27 2
2018 Runner Up Rupinder Mangat, Simon Dalby & Matthew Paterson Divestment discourse: war, justice, morality and money 27 2
2018 Runner Up Deborah Seligsohn, Mengdi Liu & Bing Zhang The sound of one hand clapping: transparency without accountability 27 5
2018 Runner Up Salil D. Benegal The spillover of race and racial attitudes into public opinion about climate change 27 4

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