Best Article Award Announcement

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Best Article Award Announcement

Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management

The Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management’s Best Article Award is awarded annually to the best article from the previous calendar. The Award and $500 prize is announced at the Tertiary Education Management Conference. The journal publisher, Routledge, kindly make the best article freely accessible. The runners up will also be freely accessible for three months. 

The best article is determined based on four criteria:

  • Relevance to the journal’s Aims and Scope;
  • Style and readability;
  • Quality of the research process;
  • Potential impact to the academic or practitioner community.

2018 Best Article Award Winner

Following a rigorous selection process, the inaugural 2018 Best Article Award was awarded to the article “Equity in higher education and graduate labour market outcomes in Australia”, by Ian W. Li (Curtin University), Stephane Mahuteau (Flinders University), Alfred M. Dockery (Curtin University) and Raja Junankar (University of New South Wales).

Li and colleagues’ article examined the labour market outcomes of Australian higher education graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds, indicating mixed results across equity groups. The study is timely and extremely relevant given the Australian Government’s previous expansion of access to students from disadvantaged background through demand-driven funding, and more recently, the Government’s freezing of such funding.

Li and colleagues’ article received exceptionally strong evaluations from the Committee, particularly on the research quality and relevance. Extended feedback from the Committee described the article as “extremely relevant, well written and thought-provoking”, delivering “high-impact conclusions.”

The journal would also like to commend the two runners-up for the Award, “Part-time work and advancement: A study of female professional staff in Australian universities” by Janis Bailey, Carolyn Troup and Glenda Strachan, and “Evaluating the non-academic impact of academic research: Design considerations” by Andrew Gunn and Michael Mintrom.

Both runners up were positively assessed by the Committee. Bailey and colleagues’ study was complimented for its originality and adding “significantly to our understanding” of female professional staff careers. Gunn and Mintrom’s article was uniformly and strongly complimented for its style (“a great piece”, “beautifully written” and “well written and relevant”) as well as its impact (currently more than 3600 views).

Selection Process

The selection process involves the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor shortlisting their top three articles separately, leading to a final short list of between three and six articles. The Journal’s Best Article Award Selection Committee includes three members of the journal’s editorial board (including at least one academic and one practitioner) and each rates the short-listed articles on the above criteria on a four point scale. Selection of the best article, from the short-list compiled by the editors, will be informed by the panel’s ranking of the short-list and comments. Should there be any significant differences in the panel’s rankings, or other discrepancies, final selection will be made by the editors in consultation with the panel.  A citation for the award presentation will be based on the committee’s comments.

Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management

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Winning Article

Equity in higher education and graduate labour market outcomes in Australia

  • Ian W. Li, Stephane Mahuteau, Alfred M. Dockery, and Raja Junankar