Democratization Frank Cass Prize

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The Frank Cass Prize


About the prize

Democratization is devoted to the study of the broad phenomenon of democratization – defined as the way democratic norms, institutions and practices evolve and are disseminated or retracted both within and across national and cultural boundaries. In particular, the journal aims to promote a better understanding of distinct phenomena, such as: transition to democracy and democratic installation, democratic consolidation and crisis, and deepening or weakening of democratic qualities.

The Frank Cass Prizes are awarded annually for articles that most enhance our knowledge and understanding of democratization. The value of each prize is £250.  One prize is open to all contributors  appearing  in the  relevant  volume.  The  other  prize is awarded  to a young  scholar  or promising  new scholar.  

Nominations for consideration for the award are made by  the  editors.  The judges are drawn from the Editorial Board and International Advisory Panel.

Year Author(s) Article Title Volume Issue
2020 - Best article Sarah Engler 'Fighting corruption' or 'fighting the corrupt elite'? Politicizing corruption within and beyond the populist divide 27 7
2020 - Best article by young scholar Lars Pelke Inclusionary regimes, party institutionalization and redistribution under authoritarianism 27 7
2019 - Best article Anna Luhrmann & Staffan I. Lindberg A third wave of autocratiation is here: what is new about it? 26 7
2018 - Best article Sarah Birch & David Muchlinski Electoral violence prevention: what works? 25 3
2018 - Best article by young scholar Troy Saghaug Broderstad A meta-analysis of income and democracy 25 2
2017 - Best article Thomas Mustillo Party nationalization following democratization: modelling change in turbulent times 24 6
2017 - Best article by young scholar Kris Ruijgrok From the web to the streets: internet and protests under authoritarian regimes 24 3
2016 - Best article Gerardo L. Munck What is democracy? A reconceptualisation of the quality of democracy 23 1
2016 - Best article by young scholar Feryaz Ocakli Political entrepreneurs, clientelism, and civil society: Supply-side politics in Turkey 23 4
2015 - Best article Nic Cheeseman and Miles Larmer Ethnopopulism in Africa: opposition mobilization in diverse and unequal societies 22 1
2015 - Best article by young scholar Wouter Veenendaal Democracy in microstates: why smallness does not produce a democratic political system 22 1

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