CRISPP Essay Prize for Best Article

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CRISPP Essay Prize

Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy

About the prize

The CRISPP Essay Prize is awarded every year for the best article to appear in the previous year’s volume. Special issues, review articles and contributions to symposiums or debate pieces are not considered. We only look at articles that have been submitted as stand alone pieces, and have gone through the normal review process. The committee standardly consists of one of the editors and two members of the editorial board. The winner receives a cash prize, and their article is made free access for a year. 

The Prize Jury consisted as usual of two members of the editorial board, in this case George Crowder and Richard Vernon, with one of the editors acting as Chair. The jury praised all three of the mentioned articles as being 'very good in different ways' but singled out the winning article as ‘A tightly argued, readable and ingenious treatment showing how a quite specific point can yield large insights, and in that way a model of what a journal article should do.’

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