Cogent Engineering Best Paper Award

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Best Paper Award

Cogent Engineering

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About the prize

This award recognises the best papers published in the journal each year as judged by the editors.

Winning Articles

Year Winning Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2020 Patil, Vathsala et al. Artificial neural network for gender determination using mandibular morphometric parameters: A comparative retrospective study 7 1
2020 Yahya, M. D et al. Column adsorption study for the removal of chromium and manganese ions from electroplating wastewater using cashew nutshell adsorbent 7 1
2020 Ede, Anthony N et al. Influence of bamboo fiber and limestone powder on the properties of self-compacting concrete 7 1
2020 Karaboga, Dervis; Akay, Bahriye; Karaboga, Nurhan A survey on the studies employing machine learning (ML) for enhancing artificial bee colony (ABC) optimization algorithm 7 1
2020 Velmurugan, P.; Chattopadhayay, A. B. Rigorous Mathematical Steps for Sensitivity Analysis of High Impedance Ground Fault Detection in Power Distribution Systems 7 1
2020 Huang, Baofeng Light transmission performance of translucent concrete building envelope 7 1
2020 Edoziuno, F. O. et al. Optimization and development of predictive models for the corrosion inhibition of mild steel in sulphuric acid by methyl-5-benzoyl-2-benzimidazole carbamate (mebendazole) 7 1
2020 Suzuki, Hirotaka et al. Terramechanics-based investigation of grouser shape for rigid wheels: Comparison between rectangular and trapezoidal grousers 7 1
2020 Wardana, Rahmad Wisnu; Masudin, Ilyas; Restuputri, Dian Palupi A novel group decision-making method by P-robust fuzzy DEA credibility constraint for welding process selection 7 1
2020 Liu, Jason J. R. et al. Equivalent conditions of finite-time time-varying output-feedback control for discrete-time positive time-varying linear systems 7 1

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