British Journal of Sociology of Education Prize Page

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Best Early Career Article

British Journal of Sociology of Education

About the prize

Each year, the  Executive Editors of British Journal of Sociology of Education pick a winning article from a shortlist of articles by early career researchers. You can read the latest winning articles below.

The journal and publisher offer their warm congratulations, and wish all shortlisted authors every success as they continue their research careers in the sociology of education

Year Author Article Title Volume Issue
2020 Winner Sol Gamsu From assisted places to free schools: subsidizing private schools for the Northern English middle classes 20 8
2020 Shortlisted Ruth Squire Class acts? Working class student officers in students’ unions 41 3
2020 Shortlisted Siyu Chen Competing for privilege –aspirational youth at a Chinese high school entrepreneurship competition 41 8
2020 Shortlisted Achala Gupta Heterogeneous middle-class and disparate educational advantage: parental investment in their children’s schooling in Dehradun, India 41 1
2020 Shortlisted Jiaxin Chen Self-abandonment or seeking an alternative way out: understanding Chinese rural migrant children’s resistance to schooling 41 2
2019 Winner Zoe Baker Reflexivity, structure and agency: using reflexivity to understand Further Education students’ Higher Education decision-making and choices 40 1
2019 Shortlisted Jessica Holloway Teacher evaluation as an onto-epistemic framework 40 2
2019 Shortlisted Andre Salata Schooling as a positional good: the Brazilian metropolitan regions in recent decades 40 3
2019 Shortlisted Nicholas Martindale Does outsourcing school systems degrade education workforces? Evidence from 18,000 English state schools 40 8
2019 Shortlisted Ligia (Licho) López López, Lars de Wildt & Nikki Moodie I don’t think you’re going to have any aborigines in your world’: Minecrafting terra nullius 40 8
2019 Shortlisted George Variyan Missionaries or mercenaries? How teachers in elite private schools embrace privilege 40
2018 Winner Rille Raaper ‘Peacekeepers’ and ‘machine factories’: tracing Graduate Teaching Assistant subjectivity in a neoliberalised university 39 4
2018 Shortlisted Karin Schuller Trends in ethnic inequality in the attainment of vocational degrees: a cohort study in Germany 39 4
2018 Shortlisted Laura Teague The curriculum as a site of counter politics: theorising the ‘domain of the sayable’ 39 1
2018 Shortlisted Francisco J. Villegas ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’: examining the illegalization of undocumented students in Toronto, Canada 39 8