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2018 Patricia Grimshaw Prize Award

Australian Historical Studies

About the prize

The 2018 prize has been awarded to Associate Professor Julia Martınez for her article Asian Servants for the Imperial Telegraph: Imagining North Australia as an Indian Ocean Colony before 1914, Volume 48, issue 2 (May 2017)

Australian Historical Studies

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2018 shortlist and winner

For the 2018 award, covering the years 2016-17, the judges, Professor Alison Bashford (University of New South Wales) and Dr Kate Fullagar (Macquarie University), short-listed five outstanding examples of important and original work in Australian history. ​

The prize this year goes to the article by Associate Professor Julia Martínez. Her article explored the operations of the north Australian telegraph during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Using press and company records, it showed how telegraphic connection between north Australia and London, via southeast Asia, defied white nationalist aims and consolidated instead a neglected Indian-Ocean colonial culture in pre-war Australia. The article not only makes a compelling case for the Indian-Oceanic turn in Australian history but also contributes significantly to the global history of immigration and recent ‘web’-focused analyses in imperial history.

2018 Patricia Grimshaw Prize Award

2018 - WinnerJulia Martı́nezAsian Servants for the Imperial Telegraph: Imagining North Australia as an Indian Ocean Colony before 1914,482
2018 - ShortlistedMelissa BellantaBusiness Fashion: Masculinity, Class and Dress in 1870s Australia482
2018 - ShortlistedHamish Maxwell-StewartThe State, Convicts and Longitudinal Analysis473
2018 - ShortlistedAmanda NettelbeckProximate Strangers and Familiar Antagonists: Violence on an Intimate Frontier472
2018 - ShortlistedNadia RhookAnnamese Coolies’ at Australian Ports: Charting Colonial Geographies of Emotion, and Settler Memory, from French Vietnam to New Caledonia via Interwar Australia483