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Communication Methods and Measures

Communication Methods and Measures Article of the Year Award

About the prize

Since 2010, Communication Methods and Measures has been offering an Article of the Year Award to the author(s) of one of the articles printed in the prior year’s volume. The winner will be determined by a two step procedure. In the first step, the editors will nominate the three best articles published that year. In the second step, those nominations will be submitted to the leadership of the Communication Theory and Methodology division of AEJMC, who will deliberate and choose the winner. The winner will be honored at the division’s business meeting at the annual conference of AEJMC held each August. We hope this award will encourage authors to send us their best work in methodology and measurement, elevating the quality of the work submitted in the spirit of friendly competition.

Year Author(s) Article Volume Issue
2018 Rene Weber, J. Michael Mangus, Richard Huskey, Frederic R. Hopp, Ori Amir, & Reid Swanson Extracting Latent Moral Information from Text Narratives: Relevance, Challenges, and Solutions 12 2
2017 Fabienne Lind, Maria Gruber & Hajo G. Boomgaarden Content Analysis by the Crowd: Assessing the Usability of Crowdsourcing for Coding Latent Constructs 11 2
2016 Michael Scharkow The Accuracy of Self-Reported Internet Use—A Validation Study Using Client Log Data 10 1
2015 Elly A Konijn, Rens van de Schoot, Sonja D. Winter, & Christopher J. Ferguson Possible Solution to Publication Bias Through Bayesian Statistics, Including Proper Null Hypothesis Testing 9 4
2014 Foucault Welles, B., Vashevko, A., Bennett, N., & Contractor, N. Dynamic Models of Communication in an Online Friendship Network 8 4
2013 Murphy, C. & Westbury, C. Expanding the Scope of Selective Exposure: An Objective Approach to Measurement of Media Ideology 7 3-4
2012 Weber, R., & Popova, L. Testing Equivalence in Communication Research: Theory and Application 6 3
2011 Krippendorff, K. Agreement and Information in the Reliability of Coding 5 2
2010 Shumate, M., & Palazzolo, E. T. Exponential Random Graph (p*) Models as a Method for Social Network Analysis in Communication Research 4 4