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Most Cited Articles from 2018

Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association

The Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association (JA&WMA) is one of the oldest continuously published, peer reviewed, technical environmental journals in the world. First published in 1951 under the name Air Repair, JA&WMA is intended to serve those occupationally involved in air pollution control and waste management through the publication of timely and reliable policy-relevant information.

The following are some of the most highly cited papers published recently in the journal. The papers included here should not be viewed as the most important papers ever published in JA&WMA.

These articles are free to access through this page until March 2020.

JA&WMA Most Cited Collection

Gas-phase and semivolatile organic emissions from a modern nonroad diesel engine equipped with advanced aftertreatment
Liu, Z. Gerald; Eckerle, Wayne A.; Ottinger, Nathan A.6812
Long-term associations of morbidity with air pollution: A catalog and synthesis
Lipfert, Frederick W.681
A general method for evaluating the effects of air pollutants on lung cancer prevalence
Wang, Yaru; Yue, Shihong; Zheng, Bo; et al.6812
Combined effect of boundary layer recirculation factor and stable energy on local air quality in the Pearl River Delta over southern China
Li, Haowen; Wang, Baomin; Fang, Xingqin; et al.687
Fungal bioaerosols in biomethanization facilities
Mbareche, Hamza; Veillette, Marc; Dubuis, Marie-Eve; et al.6811
Valorization of spent coffee grounds recycling as a potential alternative fuel resource in Turkey: An experimental study
Atabani, A. E.; Mercimek, S. M.; Arvindnarayan, Sundaram; et al.683
An interpretive structural modeling (ISM) and decision-making trail and evaluation laboratory (DEMATEL) method approach for the analysis of barriers of waste recycling in India
Chauhan, Ankur; Singh, Amol; Jharkharia, Sanjay682
Trends in onroad transportation energy and emissions
Frey, H. Christopher 686
Theoretical and experimental investigations of mercury adsorption on hematite surfaces
Jung, Ji-Eun; Liguori, Simona; Jew, Adam D.; et al.681
Separation of brown carbon from black carbon for IMPROVE and Chemical Speciation Network PM2.5 samples
Chow, Judith C.; Watson, John G.; Green, Mark C.; et al.685

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