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Dr. Robert A. Simons, Senior Editor, [email protected]
Dr. Spenser Robinson, [email protected]
Ms. Amelia S. Caldwell, Managing Editor, [email protected]
Dr. Vivek Sah, [email protected]
Dr. Pernille H. Christensen, [email protected]

The American Real Estate Society, announces a call for papers for the 13th volume of The Journal of Sustainable Real Estate (JOSRE). Authors are encouraged to submit original research that can help investors, developers, appraisers, lenders, asset managers, elected officials, and land use regulators improve their strategies, decision-making, and understanding of the impact of sustainable real estate practices around the globe.

JOSRE is an open access, double-blind peer reviewed journal with no fee to submit. Published by Routledge Taylor & Francis online. Open access publication fees upon acceptance of manuscript are covered for ARES members.

Topics and potential questions of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Corporate Green and Sustainable Strategies and Policies: What are the impacts of corporate policies on leasing, spending, customer acquisition/retention, stock price, and related questions?

Environmental Contamination and Offsite Effects: How does this factor into sustainable real estate site selection?

Evaluating Financial Benefits of Retrofits and Improvements: Can green features be packaged into ideal combinations?

Financing, Insurance, and Valuation Issues: How do insurance costs vary for sustainable buildings? What financing mechanisms are out there to help with sustainable investments?

Hi-Performance and Smart Building Systems; Productivity and Design: Can impact of green buildings on worker productivity and morale and other benefits that go beyond energy savings be measured and valued? Do they translate into rent?

Market and Regulatory Evolution and Impact: Philosophical and Definitional Changes in Green over Time: How have green measurement systems evolved? How has disclosure and transparency affected the market?

Resiliency: Role of real estate in creating more resilient cities? Building level resiliency, stakeholders expectations?
How stakeholders measure and reward resiliency? What about community level resiliency; including grid stability, climate change impacts, and community cohesion? Insurance. Influence of scoring protocols (GRESB et al). COVID impacts and market recovery.

Residential Green and Sustainable Strategies and Policies: What are trends in the diffusion, regulatory impact, resource savings, and consumer preferences in residential real estate?

Wellness: Role of healthy building certifications in occupant productivity? How does building design improve employee productivity, engagement, and retention? Is there a positive connection between interior conditions and employee performance? The role of space on recruitment and retention. How does one measure value? Sensors. Wearable technology.

Manuscripts are only accepted via online submissions, must be written in English, and are required to include:
1. Cover letter to the attention of Dr. Simons/Senior Editor and Ms. Caldwell/Managing Editor
2. Article MS Word version as intended layout for publication (with authors’ names allowed throughout)
3. Article MS Word version as required for blind peer review process (with authors’ names & identifying information removed from title page, acknowledgements, references, metadata in file name, etc.). Please save this version as *Manuscriptwoauthorsnames

If this is author’s first time using JOSRE’s new online submission system, you will need to create a free username and password with Submission Portal prior to submitting the manuscript. Please use this link for all new manuscript submissions. https://rp.tandfonline.com/submission/login Questions regarding manuscript submission should be directed at Jean Claude Larracas at [email protected]

There is no submission charge for this journal. Once an article is reviewed and accepted for publication, ARES members may publish Open Access (1 article per year) free of article publishing charges (APCs). Non-members of the American Real Estate Society (ARES) will pay a standard article publishing charge (APC) for this journal to help defer the costs of supporting an Open Access Journal. For non-members, use our APC finder to view the APC for this journal.

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*Without ARES or affiliate membership, the standard Article Publishing Charge (APC) to publish in the Journal of Sustainable Real Estate is USD 1,200/ GBP 925/ EUR 1,055/ AUD 1,610 plus VAT, or other local taxes where applicable in your country, to help defer the costs of supporting an Open Access Journal.

Manuscript Prize Money

The journal will award two prizes in 2021:

Best of Volume 13 overall: $3,500
Best outside North America: $1,500

These prizes will be voted upon by the journal editors, editorial board, and ARES' members. The deadline to submit an article for consideration is December 31, 2021.

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