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Journal of Paper Conservation - Call for Submissions

Deadline: 1st July 2021


The Journal of Paper Conservation (JPC), publication of IADA (International Association of Archive, Book and Paper Conservators, ), is a peer-reviewed journal published four times a year. 

JPC is an international scholarly journal that aims to bring together scholarship and contributions to knowledge related to new research outcomes, innovative developments, and practice in the preservation and conservation of cultural heritage objects of archives, libraries, and graphic art collections. The journal seeks to be a central forum for sharing knowledge on conservation policies, conservation treatments, ethical issues, and the history of the book, paper, and related materials. Published papers cover subjects ranging from material and art-technological aspects of the creation of objects and their history, new insights into how objects change through the centuries by decay processes, new preservation strategies (such as, but not limited to, risk management, as well as evaluation, improvement or development of new techniques for conservation treatments). The target groups are paper, book, and photograph conservators, book and paper historians, photography historians, art historians, archivists, librarians, and conservation scientists.

The Journal of Paper Conservation encourages two main types of contributions: scholarly papers of academic level (peer-reviewed), and articles related to research in progress, project reports, professional matters, and hands-on conservation. Other contributions can fall in a number of special sections: Instructables describe specific techniques, technical tips, and conservation know-how complete with step-by-step photographs or illustrations, brief explanations, and materials used; the Degree works section summarizes diploma works recently awarded in the book and paper conservation fields; Materials and Equipment that proved to be useful to conservators are briefly introduced in this section.

JPC just published a special volume (JPC 20, 1-4,) in honour of the late Christopher Clarkson, with contributions by eminent scholars in the fields of book archaeology, bookbinding studies, paper and parchment history, and their conservation and preservation. Clakson’s last paper — The Winchester Bible: Notable Features Observed During Conservation, 2012–15 — is also featured in the volume and has been published in open access on the Journal’s online portal.

With this call for papers, we encourage authors to submit articles related to any of the research fields covered by JPC, as well as contributions to knowledge pertaining to the more practical aspects of the conservation of book and paper cultural heritage. 

Authors should submit their articles here. Articles are submitted in the English language. Submissions in other languages are also welcome and will be translated into English for publication by professional translators through JPC in collaboration with the Editor and the Author(s). The manuscript should follow the style guidelines. Articles should be submitted with a covering email clearly stating the name, address and affiliation of the corresponding author, as well as the intended type of contribution.

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