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Ten years after the results from the Cash and Counseling contolled experiment were first published, what are people with disabilities and their caregivers saying about this option which allows them to direct their own home and community-based services and supports and individualize their own budgets? and what is the latest research saying about what it will take to improve this approach and make this option available for all people with disabilities? The articles in this Special Issue of the Journal of Gerontological Social Work present: findings on what needs remain unmet even when people can manage their own budgets; participants’ and their family caregivers’ views on what support broker activities really help (or hurt); and the results of a project involving the Council of Social Work Education and nine schools of social work to develop modules for training future social workers on person-centered planning and participant direction.

The three additional articles also deal with recent research on the Cash and Counseling model. The article by Bevin Croft shows how this model can be adapted to serve people with serious mental illness.

Journal of Gerontological Social Work

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“It’s Changed Everything”: Voices of Veterans in the Veteran-Directed Home and Community Based Services Program

  • Mahoney, E.K., Milliken, A., Mahoney, K.J., Edwards-Orr, M. & Willis, D.G.

“I’m just trying to cope for both of us”: Challenges and supports of family caregivers in participant-directed programs

  • Milliken, A., Mahoney, E.K., Mahoney, K.J., Mignosa, K., Rodriguez, I., Cuchetti, C., & Inoue, M.

Preparedness of representatives for people with dementia in a self-directed program

  • Mahoney, E.K., Simon-Rusinowitz, L., Loughlin, D.M., Ruben, K., & Mahoney, K.J.

Unmet needs in self-directed HCBS programs

  • Mahoney, K.J., Mahoney, E.K., Morano, C & DeVellis, A.

The Tasks and Characteristics of Supportive Support Brokers

  • Mahoney, E., Oh, G., Morano, C., Mahoney, K. & DeVellis, A.

The times they are a-changing: Self-directed long-term services and supports and gerontological social work

  • Sciegaj, M., Hooyman., Mahoney, K.J., & DeLuca, C.

“It just took the pressure off”: The voices of Veterans’ family caregivers in a participant-directed program

  • Milliken, A., Mahoney, E.K., Mahoney, K.J.

Mental health leadership perspectives on self-direction

  • Bevin Croft, Lori Simon-Rusinowitz, Dawn M Loughlin & Kevin J. Mahoney

Preparing Social Workers With Person-Centered and Participant-Directed Services for the Changing Aging and Disability Network

  • .   Hooyman, N. R., Mahoney, K., & Sciegaj, M

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