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Deadline: 15 June 2019

Special Issue

Polar Education

Polar regions are experiencing dramatic changes in their climate systems, in sea ice extent, air temperature, snow cover, and permafrost; and over the past 30 years, these regions have warmed 2-3 times more than other regions across the globe. These changes have important environmental and societal implications both within the polar regions as well as for the rest of the world. Polar regions help maintain a stable heat budget for the Earth, and changes in polar climates affect the global climate system.

This theme issue focuses on polar education related to both the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Contributions to the theme issue will describe education, outreach, and communication activities that engage learners in exploring polar regions, the climate system, physiogeography, the people that live in the Arctic, fauna and flora of polar regions, the future of polar regions, and how citizens across the globe are connected to changes in the polar regions. Papers summarizing educational research results that shed light on effective ways to engage learners in polar topics are encouraged. We welcome contributions from the formal (K-12, college) and informal science education sectors.  

Types of Papers

The following types of papers are solicited for the theme issue:


· Research Papers that describe methods and results of original studies focused on all aspects of polar education.

· Curriculum and Instruction Papers that describe new teaching materials or methods and provide evidence for their effectiveness.

· Commentaries that are grounded in the literature and provide a critical or alternative viewpoint on a key issue or provide insight into an important development in polar education that is of broad interest to geoscience educators or researchers.

· Literature Reviews that synthesize and evaluate the published literature on a polar education topic within geoscience education research or practice.

Submission Guidelines

For information, including author instructions, please visit the journal homepage. All submitted manuscripts should meet author guidelines and JGE review criteria. All submissions will be externally reviewed. The deadline for submission is June 15th, 2019. 

Theme Issue Editors

Anne Egger


Central Washington University 



Stephanie Pfirman

Guest Associate Editor

Arizona State University



Anne Gold

Guest Associate Editor

University of Colorado Boulder



Gail Scowcroft

Guest Associate Editor

University of Rhode Island




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