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The Reflections Series - Free Access Articles

Journal of Change Management

This series is called ‘Reflections,’ but what reflection means is left to the author. Reflection ‘usually implies a turning of one’s thoughts back upon or back to something that exists, has occurred, is without explanation, or the like; it implies quiet and serious consideration or study’ (Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Synonyms, 1984, p. 835). After reading that definition, my first reflection was that it basically describes the way I work when dealing with issues such as organizing (Weick, 1969), sensemaking (Weick, 1995) and managing the unexpected (Weick and Sutcliffe, 2007). I gloss (Weick, 1981) older work in order to draw attention to its contemporary relevance. Thus, my work illustrates Stinchcombe’s (1982) description of ways in which scholars use predecessors as touchstones and sources of fundamental ideas. My second reflection on that definition is that the reference to turning one’s thoughts back to something that is ‘without explanation or the like,’ describes what I think is the basic condition faced by people who manage change. They deal with experiences that are without explanation, such as when the unexpected occurs, when closer attention reveals the need to alter the speed of ongoing change or when changing itself generates moments of senselessness.

Karl E. Weick (2011, pp. 7-8)

In order to highlight key research written by leading authors in the field of change management, the articles below have been made free to access online. Simply click on the links below to start reading today!

Reflections Series - Journal of Change Management

Article TitleAuthorJournal TitleVolume Issue
Reflections: Sociotechnical Systems Design and Organization ChangeWilliam Pasmore, Stu Winby, Susan Albers Mohrman & Rick VanasseJournal of Change Management192 (2019)
Reflections: Return Paradox to the Wild? Paradox Interventions and Their ImplicationsGail T. FairhurstJournal of Change Management191 (2019)
Reflections: Studying Organizational Change Leadership as a SubfieldMark HughesJournal of Change Management181 (2018)
Reflections: Academia's Emerging Crisis of Relevance and the Consequent Role of the Engaged ScholarAndrew J. HoffmanJournal of Change Management162 (2016)
Reflections: Intellectual Shamans, Sensemaking, and Memes in Large System ChangeSandra WaddockJournal of Change Management154 (2015)
Reflections: What's Wrong with Business Schools and Why they Need to ChangeIan I. Mitroff, Can M. Alpaslan & Ellen S. O'ConnorJournal of Change Management152 (2015)
Reflections: Why Old Social Theory Might Still be UsefulStewart R. CleggJournal of Change Management151 (2015)
Reflections: On Time, Temporality and Change in OrganizationsPatrick DawsonJournal of Change Management143 (2014)
Reflections: In praise of silent transformation – allowing change through ‘letting happen’Robert ChiaJournal of Change Management141 (2014)
Reflections: OD or not OD that is the question! A constructivist's thoughts on the changing nature of changeCliff OswickJournal of Change Management134 (2013)
Reflections: What does quantum physics of storytelling mean for change management?David M. BojeJournal of Change Management123 (2012)
Reflections: On the lost specification of ‘change’Paul du Gay & Signe VikkelsøJournal of Change Management122 (2012)
Reflections: Good practice, not rocket science – understanding failures to change after extreme eventsDavid A. BuchananJournal of Change Management112 (2011)
Reflections: Change agents as change poets – on reconnecting flux and hunchesKarl E. WeickJournal of Change Management111 (2011)
Reflections: Change, quality and standards in British higher educationGeoffrey AldermanJournal of Change Management103 (2010)
Reflections: The past and future of research on institutions and institutional changeW. Richard ScottJournal of Change Management101 (2010)
Reflections: Ethics and organizational change – time for a return to Lewinian valuesBernard BurnesJournal of Change Management94 (2009)
Reflections: Our journey in organizational change research and practiceAchilles A. Armenakis & Stanley G. HarrisJournal of Change Management92 (2009)
Reflections: Sociotechnical Systems Design and Organization ChangeWilliam Pasmore, Stu Winby, Susan Albers Mohrman & Rick VanasseJournal of Change Management192