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Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry

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2019 Impact Factor: 0.855

The Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry serves as an international forum for research advances involving the chemistry and biology of carbohydrates, publishing articles on:

  • novel synthetic methods involving carbohydrates, oligosaccharides, and glycoconjugates
  • the use of chemical methods to address aspects of glycobiology
  • spectroscopic and crystallographic structure studies of carbohydrates
  • computational and molecular modeling studies
  • physicochemical studies involving carbohydrates and the chemistry and biochemistry of carbohydrate polymers

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The below articles from Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry are free to access via this page until 30th November 2020.
Article Author(s) Year Published
Carbohydrate polymers as controlled release devices for pesticides Maria Cleofe Neri-Badang & Soma Chakraborty 2019
Carbohydrate O-benzylation through trialkylsilane-mediated reductive etherification Zhenni Huo, Dahai Ding, Yongliang Zhang, Na Lei, Guofeng Gu, Jian Gao, Zhongwu Guo & Feng Cai 2018
Novel approaches for biotechnological production and application of L-arabinose Csaba Fehér 2018
Immobilization of glycans on solid surfaces for application in glycomics Crystal L. O'Neil, Keith J. Stine & Alexei V. Demchenko 2018
Synthesis and structural studies of 1-amino-1-deoxy-α-L-xylo-hexulopyranose: L-Sorbosamine Valeri V. Mossine, Todd S. Byrne, Charles L. Barnes & Thomas P. Mawhinney 2018
Eco-friendly synthesis of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) and its application to the Ferrier-rearrangement reaction Zekun Ding, Xiaosheng Luo, Yibin Ma, Heshan Chen, Saifeng Qiu, Guosheng Sun, Wan Zhang, Chao Yu, Zhenliang Wu & Jianbo Zhang 2018
Strategies on the construction of 1,2-branched trans-β-glycosidic linkages and their applications in the synthesis of saponins Dapeng Zhu, Mingyu Geng, Fuzhu Yang & Biao Yu 2019
α-Selective synthesis of 2-deoxy-glycosides and disaccharides Guofang Yang, Xiaosheng Luo, Hong Guo, Qingbing Wang, Jiafen Zhou, Tianyun Huang, Jie Tang, Junjie Shan & Jianbo Zhang 2018
Biobleaching - An ecofriendly and environmental benign pulp bleaching technique: A review Shardesh Kumar Chaurasia & Nishi K. Bhardwaj 2019
Mechanism investigations of the activation process of S-2-[(propan-2-yl)sulfinyl]benzyl (SPSB) glycosides Wei Chen, Jing Zeng, Zhiwen Liao, Shuang Teng, Xiong Xiao, Lingkui Meng & Qian Wan 2018

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