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Journal of Feminist Family Therapy

Call for Special Topics

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The Journal of Feminist Family Therapy is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal. We recognize that the current coronavirus pandemic is impacting scholarship across academia, especially for women and non-binary scholars. With that in mind, we are reaching out to encourage specific submission topics. Recently, we had a tremendous response to our  Special Issue on Women’s Health and are always open to continued manuscripts in that area. As our journal is through the feminist lens and perspective, our aim is to highlight feminist tenets such as amplifying voices and awareness of power (Harvey et al., 2016). In alignment with this, we are especially interested in manuscripts focusing on topics such as social justice, privilege and oppression, socially responsible practice, #BlackLivesMatter, Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC), Black Womxn, non-binary (e.g., agender, gender-fluid, gender-nonconforming, gender-neutral, genderqueer) and transgender and gender nonconforming people, and identity intersections with COVID-19 in couples and families. From a broader perspective, we are always looking for manuscripts that focus on sexuality, trauma, sexual harassment, gender, culture, and diversity. Feel free to email queries around fit to incoming Editor-in-Chief (effective 1/2021), Dr. Kristina S. Brown, LMFT at [email protected].