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Ensure your research makes an impact with the Journal of Family Psychotherapy, an international journal designed for the scientist-practitioner. With a robust peer review process, the journal offers validation and a global readership for your article.

Interested in submitting your article? Visit the journal homepage to find out more and read our instructions for authors.

If you’ve yet to discover the full scope of the journal, take a look at these selected articles from The State of Supervision special issue:

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These articles are free to read online until 31st December 2019


Journal of Family Psychotherapy Editor Dr. Christian Jordal

Meet the Editor

Dr. Christian Jordal is Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Counseling & Family Therapy, and Program Director, Master of Family Therapy program.

In addition to his teaching and director duties, Dr. Jordal is also the coordinator of Student Experiential Learning via the Center for Interdisciplinary Clinical Simulation and Practice at Drexel University.

Dr. Jordal is a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Pennsylvania and been clinically active for 14 years across a variety of university, agency and hospital-based settings including the University of California at San Diego Medical Center; Marriage and Family Counseling Service in Rock Island, Ill., and university-based family therapy clinics at Virginia Tech and The University of Oregon. Dr. Jordal has a private practice in Center City Philadelphia.

Format-Free Submission

This title utilizes format-free submission. Authors may submit their paper in any scholarly format or layout. References can be in any style or format, so long as a consistent scholarly citation format is applied. More information below:

Format-Free Submission
Manuscripts may be supplied as single or multiple files. These can be Word, rich text format (rtf), open document format (odt), or PDF files. Figures and tables can be placed within the text or submitted as separate documents. Figures should be of sufficient resolution to enable refereeing. There are no strict formatting requirements, but all manuscripts must contain the essential elements needed to evaluate a manuscript: abstract, author affiliation, figures, tables, funder information, and references. Further details may be requested upon acceptance. Author name(s), journal or book title, article or chapter title, year of publication, volume and issue (where appropriate) and page numbers are essential. All bibliographic entries must contain a corresponding in-text citation. The addition of DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers is recommended but not essential. The journal reference style will be applied to the paper post-acceptance by Taylor & Francis. Spelling can be US or UK English so long as usage is consistent. Note that, regardless of the file format of the original submission, an editable version of the article must be supplied at the revision stage.