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with the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Deadline: Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Call for Special Issue proposals 2021

The Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS) is pleased to announce the 2021 call for Special Issue Proposals. This call is open to Special Issues that bring together high-quality, cutting-edge original research. JEMS is an intentionally “broad church”: we publish on topics relating to all forms of migration, ethnic relations and diversity, and their consequences, from a range of perspectives, disciplines, and covering many regions of the globe. Please explore the JEMS website to gauge our scope and see examples of published Special Issues.

Within the JEMS portfolio we see Special Issues as an opportunity for a group of scholars to advance knowledge in a specific relevant research field. Editorial introductions are expected to be full article length agenda-setters that specify how the contributions advance a field of migration and ethnic relation research. You should flag up your “idea” for how your research advances the state-of-the-art when outlining the rationale for your collection in the proposal. We also request a significant degree of coherence between the contributions, that is helped by cross-referencing, and working towards a common overall aim. Our primary criteria for selecting Special Issues are quality, originality and coherence. Proposals on innovative and novel research fields as well as on topics and regions of the world that tend to be under-represented will be favourably received. We welcome proposals by scholars from the Global South.

Looking to Publish your Research?

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Submission Instructions

The JEMS Editorial team solicits high-quality proposals that will be evaluated in a competitive procedure. Proposals, which should be maximum 4000-words long, must adhere the guidelines outlined here and below, or will be rejected.

Note: All completed Special Issue proposals should be sent by email to [email protected] by June 30th, 2021.

Special Issue Proposal: Specific Details

The Editorial team will consider the pool of Special Issue proposals received by the deadline and select those they consider to be of the highest quality. Selection will be based on which proposals in their judgement have most potential considering:
• the “idea” for advancing a specific research field that brings a collection together
• the quality of the individual papers
• the proposed Special Issue’s degree of coherence as a collection
• the potential for the proposed Special Issue to deliver on promises to be an original creative contribution that advances knowledge in a field.

Proposals should be a maximum of 4,000 words long in total and include the following:
• Full contact details and a short biography of the Guest Editor(s).
• A proposed title for the Special Issue.
• A rationale for the core “idea” behind the Special Issue. This should address the theoretical and substantive empirical contribution of a Special Issue, the basis for its claim to originality, its relationship to existing literature and how it will advance knowledge, and its importance to the interdisciplinary field of ethnic and migration studies.  As a general guideline, the rationale should be set out in about 1,000 words.
• A list of contributors, with institutional affiliations, and a quick note confirming they have committed to the Issue.
• Titles and a couple of lines on each paper.
• Details on the origin of the proposal, e.g., a workshop, conference, research project, research network. Individual contributions will usually have been, or be due to be discussed with a forum, e.g., workshop or conference session.
• The stage of development of the proposed issue, including clear milestones for its completion. In particular please specify proposed deadlines for
o Submission of first drafts by individual authors to Guest Editors
o Submission of revised papers to Guest Editors following one external review per paper
o Submission of the draft Special Issue to the Editorial team for collective external review by JEMS prior to final decision. Please note we expect formal submission of the draft within two years of acceptance. 

All completed Special Issue proposals should be sent by email to [email protected] by June 30th, 2021.