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Beyond Sustaining Beauty

Looking back is looking forward

Complementary to the theme issue Sustaining beauty and beyond, the editorial team of JoLA is introducing a ‘virtual’ special issue. This is a new initiative. Occasionally JoLA will present an editorial selection, consisting of published articles, including the ‘Thinking Eye’ and ‘Under the Sky’ sections and book reviews, that the editors consider worth rereading and that are linked to the issue at hand. The selected texts will be (re)arranged in a virtual online issue.

Over ten years of accumulated publications offer us the possibility to reread texts in the new light of current theme issues. At the same time, readers can put today’s discussion in another perspective: What can we learn from projects and discussions from the past decade? How have landscape architecture’s thinking, writing, and design evolved?


This first virtual edition is linked to the themes of the current issue (2-2018): aesthetics, sustainability, ecology, and design. An obvious choice for the selection is the 2008 article by Beth Meyer, ‘Sustaining Beauty: The Performance of Appearance: A Manifesto in Three Parts’, to which the authors of the themed articles refer repeatedly. Although the connections between the rest of the articles and the current theme issue are less direct, they do demonstrate JoLA’s interest in these themes over the past years and show how the journal has paid attention to the relationship between aesthetics and sustainability since its foundation.

The texts for this first virtual issue will be freely accessible until June 2019:

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Article TitleAuthor Journal Title Volume Issue
Beautiful Landscapes in Drag, the Material Performance of HypernatureKatherine BennetJournal of Landscape Architecture 93 (2014)
The Management of Dissonance in Nature Restoration’Thomas Juel ClemmensenJournal of Landscape Architecture 92 (2014)
Unsettling Eco-scapes: Aesthetic Performances for Sustainable FuturesMaria Hellström ReimerJournal of Landscape Architecture 51 (2010)
Adding Third Nature to Second Nature: Design Strategies for Peripheral LandscapesAlmut JirkuJournal of Landscape Architecture 21 (2007)
Sustaining Beauty: The Performance of Appearance: A Manifesto in Three Parts’Elizabeth K. MeyerJournal of Landscape Architecture 31 (2008)
Spectacle Island: From Discarded Fill to Designed Landscape, a “Natural”-Looking Park’Chiara GeroldiJournal of Landscape Architecture 123 (2017)
Review of: Gilles Clément and Louisa Jones, Gilles Clément: Une écologie humaniste (Paris: Editions Aubanel, La Martinière, 2006)Lisa DiedrichJournal of Landscape Architecture 21 (2007)
CompositionsPiet OudolfJournal of Landscape Architecture 93 (2014)

Journal of Landscape Architecture

JoLA is the academic Journal of the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools (ECLAS), established in 2006. It is published three times a year. JoLA aims to support, stimulate, and extend scholarly debate in Landscape Architecture and related fields. It also gives space to the reflective practitioner and to design research. The journal welcomes articles addressing any aspect of Landscape Architecture, to cultivate the diverse identity of the discipline.

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