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Jisc Digital Archival Collections Group Purchasing Scheme

Save a minimum of 20%!

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Save a Minimum of 20% on Taylor & Francis Digital Primary Source Collections!

We are proud to be part of the Jisc digital archival collections group purchasing scheme, offering librarians an affordable route to purchase for any of our digital primary source collections, such as South Asia Archive, Cold War Eastern Europe, Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War and War, State and Society.

South Asia Archive page
Cold War Eastern Europe page
Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War page
War, State and Society page

About the Jisc scheme

Jisc are working with publishers such as Taylor & Francis in a community-centred purchasing scheme; in summary, the more products that are purchased, the lower the cost for those participating.  

Taylor & Francis are participating in this scheme from November 2019 - July 2020 and guarantees a minimum saving of 20% off the list price of all digital primary source collections, with the potential to expand to beyond 30% depending on uptake.

What are the benefits? 

Limited library budgets can often make the purchasing of archival products difficult compared to more traditional resources such as books, eBooks and journals.  However, this scheme helps librarians reduce the cost of these resources through group purchasing, achieving more for less.  This transparent approach gives members the freedom to compare the products on offer and reduce their spend.    

Further information and receive a free quote 

If you would like more information about our resources in this scheme, or to receive a free quote, simply register your interest here:  

Jisc banding information 

Help your faculty, researchers, academics and students excel with digital archival collections of primary source material.  

The scheme is open to all higher education members as defined in the Jisc banding information. 

Taylor & Francis Digital Primary Source Collections 

Our Primary Source Collections include South Asia Archive, Cold War Eastern Europe, Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War and War, State and Society.  These comprehensive resources together provide access to over 5.6 million pages of primary source material & resources.  

Learn more about these resources, including the benefits for both librarians and academics, by visiting our Primary Source Collections page, where you can view sample documents and request more information on any of the products.  


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