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Is your area of expertise in ‘Radiation Damage Responses and DNA Repair, Genome Editing and Ethics, Immunotherapy and Radiation  or another core theme from  #RadRes2019?

Enjoy exploring the most read collection from The International Journal of Radiation Biology today!

Free access for articles will run until the end of 2019. Its only available when accessing the article(s) directly from this page.

Title AuthorVolume Issue Year
DNA-dependent protein kinase: effect on DSB repair, G2/M checkpoint and mode of cell death in NSCLC cell linesAli Sak,Michael Groneberg &Martin Stuschke9592019
Radioprotective effect of endogenous melatonin secretion associated with the circadian rhythm in irradiated ratsSemi Lemaz
Rakici,Levent Tumkaya Icon,Ozlem Celebi Edirvanli
Comparative study of micronucleus assays and dicentric plus ring chromosomes for dose assessment in particular cases of partial-body exposureMariana E. Mendes,Julyanne C. G. Mendonça,Joan F. Barquinero, et al. 9582019
Changes in the retreatment radiation tolerance of the spinal cord with time after the initial treatmentThomas E. Woolley ,Juan Belmonte-BeitiaGabriel F. Calvo ,John W. Hopewell ,Eamonn A. Gaffney &Bleddyn Jones 9462018
The relationship between histone posttranslational modification and DNA damage signaling and repairAjit K Sharma ,
&Michael J. Hendzel
Relation between DNA double-strand breaks and energy spectra of secondary electrons produced by different X-ray energiesAmelie Freneau,Morgane Dos Santos,Pascale Voisin, et al. 94122018
Biological effects and inter-individual variability in peripheral blood lymphocytes of healthy donors exposed to 60 MeV proton radiotherapeutic beamAgnieszka Panek ,Justyna Miszczyk & Jan Swakoń94122018
Gene expression changes in human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes after X-ray irradiationBenjamin V. Becker,Matthäus Majewski,Michael Abend94122018
Effects of mucus thickness and goblet cell hyperplasia on microdosimetric quantities characterizing the bronchial epithelium upon radon exposureBalázs G. Madas &Emese J. Drozsdik 94112018
The influence of changing dose rate patterns from inhaled beta-gamma emitting radionuclide on lung cancerStephanie Puukila ,Christopher Thome,Antone L. Brooks, et al. 94112018
Low-dose radiation-induced risk in spermatogenesisHisanori Fukunaga ,Karl T. Butterworth,Akinari Yokoya, et al. 93122017
Whole body proton irradiation causes acute damage to bone marrow hematopoietic progenitor and stem cells in miceJianhui Chang,Yingying Wang,Rupak Pathak,et al. 93122017
Risk of solid cancer in low dose-rate radiation epidemiological studies and the dose-rate effectiveness factorRoy Shore,Linda Walsh,Tamara Azizova, et al. 93102017
Genomic instability induced in distant progeny of bystander cells depends on the connexins expressed in the irradiated cellsSonia M. de Toledo,Manuela Buonanno,Andrew L. Harris, et al. 93102017
A review of radiation countermeasures focusing on injury-specific medicinals and regulatory approval status: part I. Radiation sub-syndromes, animal models and FDA-approved countermeasuresVijay K. Singh &Thomas M. Seed9392017